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Cheap Carborundum Powder Wholesale Price Philippines

The former is suitable for small and medium-sized factories with many types of products, and the latter is suitable for large-scale and stable product production(aluminum oxide grit). According to different fuels, the combustion device has coal injection pipe, fuel oil burner and gas burner(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Generally, the crushing of raw materials adopts open-flow type, while the crushing adopts closed-flow type circulating crushing.

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The day of crushing, fine grinding and sieving lies in the preparation of massive raw materials into granules and fine powders with a certain particle composition(glass beads manufacturers), so that the powders of different compositions can be formulated and mixed evenly; easy operation and maintenance, the production efficiency is low(aluminium oxide abrasive grit), increase the specific surface area of raw materials and improve their physical chemistry The speed of the reaction.

(cheap carborundum powder wholesale price philippines)Generally, three-level crushing is used, that is(brown fused alumina): crushing, crushing the block size of the material from 250 ~ 300mm to 40 ~ 50mm; crushing, crushing the block size of the material from 40 ~ 50mm to 4 ~ 5mm; fine grinding, reducing the particle size of the material from 4 ~ 5mm finely ground to less than 0.088mm(garnet abrasive price). When a preheating device is used at the end of the kiln, there is no dust collecting room.

The advantage of open flow is that the process is simple, and the raw material only passes through the crusher once(brown fused aluminum oxide). The disadvantage is that the power consumption is large, and too much fine powder is produced, which is not conducive to improving the quality of the product(glass bead abrasive). The advantage of the closed-flow type is that the crushing efficiency is high, and it is easy to meet the requirements of particle size.(cheap carborundum powder wholesale price philippines)

Raw material crushing mainly uses jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher, etc(white aluminium oxide); fine grinding mainly uses ball mill, tube mill, suspended roller mill and vibrating mill. The particle crusher is a coarse crushing equipment commonly used in the refractory industry(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The working principle is that the movable jaw plate periodically reciprocates the fixed jaw plate to squeeze, split, and break the material to break the material.

(cheap carborundum powder wholesale price philippines)The seal between kiln head cover and barrel is called kiln head seal; the seal between dust collection chamber and barrel is called kiln tail seal(green silicon carbide). The equipment has a simple structure, strong durability, large production capacity, a large range of materials, but a large power consumption(steel shot abrasive). The cover is covered with clay bricks, and there is a monitor for the combustion of fuel and materials in the kiln Look at the fire hole and access door.

Most large-scale rotary kilns adopt fixed type(black silicon carbide). Prevent the leakage of air from the gap between the rotating parts of the kiln and the fixed device or the gas carried in the kiln. The crushing part is composed of two concentric cones, that is, the immobile outer cone and the head end of the barrel kiln and the cooling device(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). The disadvantage is that the process is complicated and requires more auxiliary equipment.(cheap carborundum powder wholesale price philippines)

There are kiln head and kiln tail seal(aluminum oxide abrasive). Located at the end of the kiln, it is made of red bricks, with clay bricks built inside, and reinforced with steel skeletons on the outside. It consists of a high-speed rotating strike plate and a fixed strike plate. At present, the refractory factories around the country generally adopt single-machine closed-flow type or multi-machine closed-flow type(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). There are two types of kiln head cover: fixed and mobile.

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