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Cheap Carborundum Powder Wholesale Suppliers Russia

The lever press is driven up and down by the crank connecting rod mechanism to complete the pressing process(silicon carbide companies). This kind of press adopts the way of volume feeding, which is controlled by the mold volume. The feeding box makes a linear reciprocating motion on the worktable(white aluminum oxide abrasive). At the same time of feeding, it pushes out the blank on the worktable, and then it is taken away by the brick taking device or by hand. Brick pushing and feeding mechanism.

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The lever press is mainly used for forming products with simple shape and small size(green silicon carbide). The advantages of the lever press are large production capacity, simple operation and low maintenance cost. Flywheel and spiral spindle. It is a punch mechanism connected by the crank slider(buy brown fused alumina). As the restoring force of the lower spring pushes the bottom die upward, at this time, the side pull bears the maximum tensionwhile the upper die still moves downward to achieve the effect of pressure on both sides.

Because the stroke value of the punch is fixed, the product with relatively stable size can be made(white aluminium oxide). There are many types of lever press used in the world, such as boyd-y type press in the United States, kp-54 type lever press in Germany, etc. Until the upper and lower rocker rods are nearly straightened, the maximum pressure is reached, and the pressing process is finished(white aluminum oxide blast media). The 4250kn lever press with mechanical transmission is widely used in China.

In order to facilitate brick production, an electric heating model device is also installed(brown fused alumina). When the crank is driven by the transmission system to rotate, the slider moves up and down with the punch and the upper die to press and discharge the bricks. The two side pillars bear the weight and pressure of each part of the pressing mechanism, and can move downward along the frame J(brown fused alumina oxide). when the punch is pressurized downward, it starts to push the bottom crossbeam downward to compress the spring below.

The mud is fed into the feeding box through two feeding barrels from the hopper(brown aluminum oxide). The roller is driven by the chute on the big gear (equivalent to the function of the cam), the force is transmitted to the brick cylinder through the lever and the connecting rod, and the bottom beam moves the bottom mold upward. Its disadvantage is that the pressure system is difficult to adjust, because of the inaccurate feeding(white fused aluminium oxide), the single weight fluctuation of brick damage is large.

When the pressing is finished and the brick has been pushed out of the table(brown aluminium oxide), the roller at the upper end of the lever just enters the non-circular part of the sliding groove in the middle of the gear, which forces the lower end of the lever to swing forward. The feeding box is pushed forward by the pull rod, and the brick is pushed to the front end of the table at the same time the mud is added into the mold(fused alumina). Brick discharging mechanism, so that the brick can be ejected from the mold.

The feeding box is divided into several grids, each of which is the same size as the inner cavity of the mold sleeve(brown fused aluminum oxide). When the roller enters the circular part of the chute, the lever swings backward to make the feeding box return to its original position, and then it is filled with mud for use(arc fused alumina). When the roller enters the reset section of the chute, under the self weight of the bottom crossbeam and so on, the bottom mold falls back to the lower position.

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