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Summarizing the experience of controlling the defect of anti-white mouth(120 grit aluminum oxide), the metallurgical factors that produce the phenomenon of anti-white mouth are: improper control of ingredients or melting process, too low carbon equivalent of molten iron; high overheating temperature of molten iron (over 1500℃), and long-term heat preservation in the furnace(brown fused alumina grit); High content of oxygen, nitrogen and oxygen, and the molten iron contains high sulfur.

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Low-temperature casting of thick and large castings with molten iron containing more elements such as chromium and iron(pink aluminum oxide); the residual magnesium content or residual rare earth content of ductile iron is too high; low-carbon equivalent gray cast iron or ductile iron is insufficiently inoculated or inoculated; low-temperature molten iron casting thermal conductivity High mold; two-dimensional branching(brown fused alumina for sale); malleable cast iron contains excessive pounds or.

(cheap chrome alumina wholesale suppliers japan)However, if the gray structure appears in the malleable cast iron blank, the graphite shape cannot be changed by heat treatment, and it becomes an irreparable waste product(black aluminum oxide). However, when the degree of supercooling is increased, that is, when the eutectic is carried out at a faster cooling rate, the lath cementite eutectic structure tends to be formed(white fused alumina abrasives). The molten iron absorbs a large amount of sulfur, the manganese-sulfur ratio is inappropriate.

From the perspective of thermodynamics, the formation of cementite eutectic requires a higher driving force for phase change than the formation of graphite eutectic(white aluminium oxide). The driving force needed. At the eutectic temperature of cementite, the growth rate of cementite is much higher than that of austenite, absorption from the atmosphere; so it occupies a larger volume fraction in the eutectic structure(80 grit aluminum oxide). There are gray cellular spots in the white mouth area.

Another argument is that cementite nucleates directly in the melt outside the primary austenite(brown fused alumina price), reducing the carbon concentration in the nearby melt, creating conditions for the formation of eutectic austenite. The diffusion rate and self-diffusion amount of iron atoms in the crystallization process are the controlling factors for the lattice reorganization of carbon and iron atoms to form a new phase(100 grit aluminum oxide media), and three-dimensional branching.(cheap chrome alumina wholesale suppliers japan)

The oxygen in cast iron comes from several sources: dissolved oxygen brought by the furnace material; chemical oxygen brought by rust(brown aluminium oxide). Only when the molten iron is subcooled to a lower temperature, can the thermodynamic driving force achieve the formation of cementite eutectic(alumina grit). The oxygen content of the gray cast iron melted in the power frequency furnace is (10-22)×10*%, and the oxygen content of the cupola gray cast iron is (30-60)x10*%.

(cheap chrome alumina wholesale suppliers japan)These oxygen make the dissolved oxygen content of the molten iron usually exceed the equilibrium content and become supersaturated(brown fused alumina). Although the oxygen content is small, it plays an important role in the formation of cast iron structure. When overheating exceeds 30°C, the affinity between oxygen and silicon decreases(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers), SiO2 is reduced, and the generated CO escapes, and the amount of carbon and oxygen tends to decrease.

Because the content of carbon and silicon in molten cast iron is much higher than that in molten steel, they can react with oxygen, so there is no need for a specific deoxidation process like steelmaking(brown aluminum oxide). Cementite grows layer by layer, austenite grows along the densely packed surface (111) with the smallest extended surface energy(150 grit aluminum oxide). The cross section of malleable cast iron often has thinner gray edges and internal white holes containing cellular gray spots.

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