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Cheap Chrome Corundum Manufacturers In China

Abrasives are silicon carbide abrasive and abrasive collectively, including abrasive products and abrasive products. Abrasives are known as industrial teeth. It covers almost all fields from aerospace to medical and health care, so far it is irreplaceable. After nearly ten years' development, China's abrasive market has basically formed. Under the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, diamond and CBN will replace common black synthetic corundum abrasives in some fields, which will be the future development trend.

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black aluminum oxide Abrasives, as a special industry, have the problem of abrasive smelting in energy conservation and emission reduction. With the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the next policy focus will be to eliminate the backward production capacity of corundum industry. In the past five years, the development of new industries has brought more opportunities for fused aluminum oxide superhard materials, which are developing towards broader and more precise application fields.

(cheap chrome corundum manufacturers in china)According to the analysis, in order to maintain the healthy and orderly development of white aluminum oxide abrasive industry, the following problems need to be solved: scattered production capacity, small scale and low efficiency. At present, the scale and structure of China's abrasives and abrasives enterprises are still unreasonable, the corundum white industrial concentration is low, and small enterprises still account for a large proportion; the research and development capacity of new products is weak.

Domestic abrasive products are mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end market, white alumina with low technical content and lack of high-end technical products, mainly relying on imports. It can only meet about 1 / 3 of the demand of automobile, aerospace, machine tools, bearings, locomotives, ships and other black silicon carbide industries. overcapacity and serious homogenization of low-grade products. Corundum production is particularly prominent.(cheap chrome corundum manufacturers in china)

At present, there is overcapacity in white fused alumina in China. The beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan has brought great opportunities and challenges to the development of abrasive industry. Energy saving, emission reduction and clean production will be displayed in the production field of abrasive industry. In addition, the national policies on machinery, shipbuilding, automobile, aircraft and other fields will also have a great impact on the production and development of aluminum oxide grit abrasive.

(cheap chrome corundum manufacturers in china)China has become a big country in brown fused aluminum oxide abrasive production, but not a strong country. Abrasives and abrasives enterprises should seek breakthroughs from the direction of technological innovation and research and development of new products, develop high-end abrasives and abrasives products, and reduce import dependence. It is predicted that the development keynote of green silicon carbide abrasive tool industry in the next five years will also become the keynote of the whole national economic policy.

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