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pink alumina smelting is carried out in a short furnace reduction electric furnace. Heat is provided by electrical energy to melt the raw materials and allow the reduction reaction to proceed. We said that the reduction reaction in the pink aluminium oxide smelting process is performed after the alumina is melted, and the reducing agent is solid carbon.

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The carbon monoxide gas produced by the reaction burns at the furnace mouth and escapes. After brown fused aluminum oxide melting and reducing the bauxite, it becomes a corundum melt. After the smelting is completed, it will be cooled down to form a corundum frit. The smelting process of alumite in the electric furnace is carried out locally to a large extent. This is why the green silicon carbide smelting process requires intermittent sampling and quenching and tempering.

(cheap chrome corundum suppliers saudi arabia)white fused alumina smelting is divided into three stages: furnace melting, smelting and refining: the furnace opening operation includes pre-furnace preparation, arc starting, stuffing furnace, control and other operations. When the control operation starts and the operating voltage is changed, the furnace opening operation ends. Melting operation refers to the transition to the aluminum oxide abrasive smelting phase after the open operation.

It is the normal use of rated power, the input amount is controlled according to the input power, and the white aluminium oxide charging reaction is moderate and the melting is complete. The smelting operation ends when all the charge is put into the furnace and switched to low voltage operation. Refining operation refers to the fact that the black aluminium oxide furnace charge has been completely added in the later stage of smelting, and the low-voltage conversion is used to start the refining operation.

(cheap chrome corundum suppliers saudi arabia)The white aluminum oxide grinding tool can accurately transfer the accuracy of its surface geometry to the workpiece to be studied. For example, the surface of the black corundum research tool is concave, and the recommended surface being researched is convex, so their use effect will never be good, because the two black silicon carbide working surfaces of the clipper are preferably slightly concave. Some are better.

The main task of the refining phase is to adjust the quality of the black aluminum oxide product, increase the temperature of the furnace, and make as much of the charge as possible into the product. The refining operation ends when the furnace is stopped. Therefore, different workpieces and different accuracy requirements have different requirements for the aluminum oxide grit surface geometry accuracy of the black corundum research tool itself.(cheap chrome corundum suppliers saudi arabia)

For example, the unevenness of the surface of the white corundum lapping tool used for precision grinding micrometer measuring surface is 3 light interference bands; and the unevenness of the surface of the lapping tool used for fine grinding gauge block is not more than 1 optical interference band , Equivalent to within 0.3 microns. The best white fused alumina price lapping tool can ensure the quality and efficiency of the grinding work.(cheap chrome corundum suppliers saudi arabia)

It is the melting part, the reaction part, and the smelting part. Most of the operating time of the silicon carbide abrasive electric furnace is the smelting operation phase. Even if rough grinding guarantees the processing accuracy required for fine grinding, if the precision of the surface geometry of the fine grinding brown fused aluminium oxide grinding tool itself is poor, it still cannot meet the processing precision requirements of the fine grinding process.

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