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Cheap Chrome Corundum Wholesale Suppliers South Africa

Can chrome corundum completely replace brown corundum? This week, 10 enterprises in Shanxi Province were interviewed to produce iron channel materials and ladle castables. Among the 10 product enterprises surveyed, 9 did not consider using chrome corundum instead of brown corundum, only one considered using pink fused alumina instead, but after the test, the product enterprise finally chose brown corundum.

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Under the background of the overall downturn of pink alumina refractory market, the priority of product enterprises is to save production cost; second, in terms of effect, after test, the enterprise considers that replacing brown corundum with chrome corundum has not achieved the expected effect. If silicon carbide abrasive production enterprises want to develop the iron channel material or ladle castable Market, they need to improve their own process, reduce production costs and reduce sales prices to meet the current market demand.

(cheap chrome corundum wholesale supplier south africa)If it insists on using black aluminum oxide, it still needs to A large number of tests and process improvements are carried out, which results in high cost and energy consumption. Based on the above two reasons, the reporter thinks that at present, the time is not mature enough to replace brown aluminum oxide with chrome corundum in the iron channel material or ladle castable.

The main reasons are as follows: first, for the consideration of cost, pink aluminium oxide has no price advantage. The raw material of white corundum is A1203 crystal of furnace core material or bulk material of grinding wheel plant, with the content of more than 98.5%, and the particle size of 36, 46 and 100. The content of Si02 in the raw material used should be as little as possible, so as to prepare white corundum grinding powder.(cheap chrome corundum wholesale supplier south africa)

Recently, refractory products enterprises have reported that chrome corundum can be used to replace brown fused alumina in the production of iron channel materials or ladle castables. The manufacturing process is as follows: The equipment used includes ball mill (roll profile specification is 150x300260x300350x500), glass cylinder (300x500), high temperature electric furnace, oven Clean the tank and ventilation box, etc. The black silicon carbide manufacturing process is as follows:

(cheap chrome corundum wholesale supplier south africa)A. grinding. Put a group of copper raw white aluminium oxide materials with different diameters into the drum, add water, put on the rubber overshot to seal the cover, then make the drum rotate, and crush the abrasives under the stroke of the ball. B. pickling and washing. The purpose is to remove iron impurities from abrasive. C. sorting. The method of water separation is used in the glass cylinder. D. drying. Heat up the reed for 10 (T20 (TC drying). After green silicon carbide drying, grind the agglomerate with glass grinding bar or horn spoon. 

E. calcination. Put the white corundum grinding powder into the electric furnace or muffle furnace, rise from the normal temperature to 850 degrees, sometimes up to 1200 degrees for w0.5-w1 grinding powder, and then keep the temperature for 5 hours. F. soaked. The abrasives used in sand inlaying grinding and fine polishing need to be treated. The brown fused aluminum oxide soaking requirements are: add 0.4g stearic acid, 20g grinding powder and 200ml aviation gasoline to the ground glass bottle for more than seven days.(cheap chrome corundum wholesale supplier south africa)

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