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Cheap Corundum Abrasive Manufacturers In USA

white fused alumina is a kind of gray black crystal with And iron spinel as the main ore phase, which is made by adding high alumina and high iron bauxite or iron oxide scraps, melting and smelting at high temperature in an electric arc furnace and then cooling. Its main chemical components are brown fused alumina factory, iron oxide, some silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide and other components.

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white aluminum oxide are traditionally used for sandblasting, grinding, polishing and other surface treatment of various workpieces. The surface color of stainless steel workpiece polished by black corundum is uniform, and there is no burn mark. It can show the essence luster of stainless steel blue black with high color value. In the past ten years, the research on the application of corundum white has been deepened gradually, and its application has been more extensive.(cheap corundum abrasive manufacturers in usa)

Especially for stainless steel workpiece polishing, it has unique advantages. First, white corundum composite grade I brown corundum, calcined brown corundum, silicon carbide and other abrasives with higher hardness and durability are used to make various fiber wheels, cleaning cloth, nylon abrasive belt, sponge sand block, etc. The fiber wheel made of this kind of white fused alumina oxide mfg composite abrasive has the dual properties of polishing and grinding. Generally, it is the original purpose for which a certain abrasive is suitable.

(cheap corundum abrasive manufacturers in usa)After the experiment confirms that the suitable composite proportion of brown fused alumina suppliers is converted into products, it will have better polishing performance for this purpose. It is found that the composite of black corundum and other abrasives with high hardness and durability makes the white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit with better performance. The fiber wheel and other products made of black corundum and other abrasives have good universality and wide application range. 

When brown fused alumina 60 grit is used to composite other abrasives to make fiber wheel, because black corundum is a flexible wear-resistant material with lower hardness than other abrasives, the particle size of black corundum can be considered to be coarser than that of the original abrasives, and the particle size of other abrasives can remain unchanged. The second is to use pure white fused aluminum oxide to make all kinds of fiber wheels, Baijie cloth, nylon abrasive belt, sponge sand block, etc.

(cheap corundum abrasive manufacturers in usa)Fiber wheels and other products made of pure aluminium oxide grit suppliers are mainly used for polishing of various workpieces, especially stainless steel. When making such products, it is necessary to consider that the black corundum is a flexible wear-resistant material. The particle size can be slightly coarser than the original abrasive, and the proportion of the buy brown fused alumina abrasive in the products can be increased as much as possible to increase the durability of the products.

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