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Cheap Corundum Abrasive Manufacturers Switzerland

Generally, this signifies that the electrolytic cell has begun to transfer to the normal production stage(brown aluminum oxide abrasive), the inner shape of the inspection has begun to form, and the technical conditions have gradually entered the scope of normal inspection. Whether to transfer to normal production and the key to good economic indicators(brown aluminium oxide grit). Take 4.3V as the base to decrease to 4.1V, and the gradient should be decreased by 20mV each time.

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The three criteria are mutually exclusive(white fused alumina for refractory). During this period, the main control and operation are as follows: Although the charcoal has been dressed up once, some of them are still gathered under the palm of the anode. In the second month, if the cavity is gradually completed and has been basically complete, the heat of phytic acid will be greatly reduced, and the molecular ratio will be greatly reduced(80 grit aluminum oxide for cerakote). Start to decrease.(cheap corundum abrasive manufacturers switzerland)

After the start of the electrolyzer and the end of the irrigation, the cell voltage should be maintained at about 6.5V(sponge media abrasive blasting), and the voltage should be reduced to about 4.3V for the first time. The voltage should be reduced as planned. After the anode effect occurs in the electrolysis cell. The reduction of the power zone is reduced to 4.0V based on 4.1V, and the decrease in rod temperature is appropriate to 10-15mV each time(aluminum oxide 1000 grit), and prevent Voltage inertia occurs.

(cheap corundum abrasive manufacturers switzerland)The key to the start-up management of the electrolyzer is to control the voltage, temperature and electrolyte height(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). In addition, after the filling of the map is finished, the electrolytic planting and heat preservation work should be measured, and the peripheral heat preservation material should be sealed manually, and the sides should be guaranteed to be covered and not oxidized, but it should not be too thick(aluminum oxide sandblasting). The amount of heat should be exposed. 

The temperature of the initial electrolyte product begins to drop, and the demand for heat limit of the plant itself is reduced(brown aluminum oxide suppliers). Different types of enterprises, control and management should be in line with actual conditions. Introduce two voltage reduction techniques. The purpose of the boundary type precision drop voltage, the special type precision introduction is to run with short power consumption and energy voltage(white aluminium oxide grit). A voltage drop plan must be established.(cheap corundum abrasive manufacturers switzerland)

The heat income should be reduced accordingly(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). Good initial management is conducive to the formation of a good inner shape of the electrolyzer and extending the life of the cell. After the electrolyzer is started, the voltage drops after 4 days of high temperature. It is the right time to drop the voltage(aluminum oxide 40/60 grit). The normal production precision voltage is maintained at about 4V, but to reach this standard, it is difficult to be too hasty.

(cheap corundum abrasive manufacturers switzerland)Because the special type is a heat preservation design type(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), the precision cycle poison has a good heat preservation, the electrolytic cell heat is relatively full, and the operation stability after startup is strong, so Can appropriately speed up the voltage drop event wake up, the specific voltage failure plan can refer to the table(aluminum oxide blasting). After the aluminum is filled, the inflammation will be recited. At this time, the muscles must be artificially beaten. full.

In the third month of production, the electrolytic cell has formed a solid internal shape, and the voltage can be reduced to below 4V(brown aluminum oxide blast media). For details, please refer to it. And this method uses one-time aluminum filling technology, that is, one-time aluminum liquid is poured 8 hours after startup, so that the retention level reaches about 18em(aluminum oxide 80-90 grit), so the tank temperature does not exceed NOC at this time, and the voltage drops to 5.5V after lead filling.(cheap corundum abrasive manufacturers switzerland)

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