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After the aluminum is added to the molten steel, its deoxidizing ability gradually declines, and it will lose its deoxidizing ability after 10 minutes(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). After adding chromium to high manganese steel, due to the interaction of chromium and manganese, the number of network carbides in the product boundary increases(sandblasting grit). Molybdenum can also change the morphology of carbides. 

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Chromium containing carbides are difficult to dissolve and eutectoid structure is difficult to change when heating up, so it is difficult to obtain single-phase austenite(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Due to the strong binding ability between molybdenum and carbon, special carbides can be formed when the component content is high, such as MOC, morc, (Fe, Mo) ACA, (Fe, Mo). C, etc(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). 

If the pouring time is too long, the aluminum should be added again depending on the situation Final deoxygenation(180 grit aluminum oxide). Because the chromium content in chromium-containing high manganese steel is not high, w(Cr)-1.0%~3.0%, (FeCr)aC alloy cementite is formed in most cases, and other carbides are rarely formed(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). The effect of molybdenum content on the mechanical properties of high manganese steel is shown in the figure. 

Both chromium and manganese are network carbide forming elements(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). In order to fully dissolve the network carbides, The temperature should be increased during solution treatment(glass bead abrasive). Nickel is an element that expands the y-phase region and is dissolved in austenite of high manganese steel, which can significantly increase the stability of austenite, and its effect is much more than that of manganese. 

After adding the final deoxidized aluminum(black aluminum oxide blast media), the casting must be poured within 10 minutes(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). The curve of carbide precipitation in the chromium-containing high manganese steel product boundary shifts significantly to the left, indicating that chromium can accelerate the precipitation rate of carbides in the high temperature zone(refractory materials), and a large amount of carbides appear during the cooling process after solidification.

Therefore, chromium is generally an element that narrows the 7-phase zone, not austenite stabilizing element(steel shot abrasive). Its interaction with carbon atoms makes The diffusion rate of carbon atoms is also reduced, so from this point of view, adding chromium to high manganese steel can improve the stability of austenite, and whether chromium can stabilize austenite in high manganese steel remains to be further studied(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia).

Subcontract casting(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), small and medium parts, when the wall thickness is less than 100mm, add w(Al)=0.15%(1.5kg/twa) for metal type, dry sand type, and add tw(Al)=0.2%(2.0kg/tmm) for wet sand type(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia)(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media); When tapping large thick-walled parts, add w(Al)=0.2% (2.0kg/tm letter) in the furnace or ladle first, 1~2min before pouring, add w(Al)=0.05%~0.08 in the ladle %(0.5~0.8kg/tm meaning). 

Molybdenum can be dissolved in phase A and phase 7 to strengthen the solid solution(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). After adding chromium, w (MO) < 2.0% in general steel(aluminium oxide blasting media). The diffusion characteristics of chromium and the influence of chromium on the carbon diffusion process, the stability of austenite is improved, and the eutectoid transformation starts later, so the austenite isothermal decomposition C curve shifts to the right. 

Therefore(white aluminum oxide powder), copper not only significantly improves the yield strength of steel, but also does not reduce the toughness, or even improves it(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). When the chromium-added high manganese steel is used in non-strong impact abrasive wear conditions, there is no significant change in wear resistance(aluminum oxide suppliers usa); when used in strong impact abrasive wear conditions, the wear resistance is significantly improved. 

These effects of chromium affect the heat treatment process, so when it is treated according to the general water toughening treatment specification, the affinity of molybdenum and carbon is better than that of manganese and chromium, which is a carbide forming element(garnet blasting media). The isothermal transformation curves of chromium-containing and chromium-free high-manganese steel are shown in the figure(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia).

Copper can improve the tendency of austenite to develop along dendrites, improve the stability of austenite, and inhibit the precipitation of carbides and the formation of pearlite(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). When w (c) = 0.9% and w (Ni) > 3.0%, single-phase austenite structure can be obtained even under as cast condition(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). When the austenitic hammer steel is condensed, the phase is partly dissolved in austenite and partly distributed in carbides.

Therefore, after the button is added, the water toughening treatment can make the solid solution in austenite play the role of alloying, or the precipitation strengthening treatment can be used to precipitate dispersed carbides in austenite and strengthen the steel to improve the wear resistance(black silicon carbide). When the temperature changes, the impact toughness of high manganese steel decreases as the temperature decreases(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia).

Therefore(white aluminum oxide grit), the required structure can be obtained only by increasing the solid solution treatment temperature by 30 ~ 50 ℃(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). After heat treatment, when w (MO) < 2.0%, the yield strength decreases, but the tensile strength and plasticity do not decrease. Because molybdenum can inhibit the decomposition of austenite(aluminum oxide blast media canada); Molybdenum can also form complex cementite with iron and carbon.

The diffusion rate of molybdenum in steel is much lower than that of carbon, which slows down the dissolution rate of carbides in steel(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). In the as cast state, the product boundary carbides in high manganese steel can be reduced due to the reduction of the brittleness of the steel(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). This effect delays the precipitation time of acicular carbide in the steel and moves its precipitation temperature to low temperature.

The carbide precipitation amount of fine high manganese steel is very small after crystallization and solidification, and the existing carbide is difficult to dissolve into the austenitic matrix during heat treatment(silicon carbide powder). When the content of carbon reaches a certain amount, the carbide in the as cast structure can be basically eliminated(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). Chromium is a body centered cubic crystal structure with an atomic radius of 1.28 × 10~10m.

The steel containing molybdenum rarely has acicular carbides, but often becomes massive or granular(aluminium oxide sandblasting). Due to the reduction of the number of as cast carbides and favorable distribution and morphology, it can improve the carbon content in the steel without causing too many carbides(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia). However, after solution treatment, most of chromium is dissolved into austenite(chrome corundum), and the diffusion rate of complex atoms is slow.

When w (Ni) > 2.5% is added to high manganese steel, carbides are not easy to precipitate from austenite due to the stability of austenite(120 grit aluminum oxide). In conclusion, w (MO) < 2.0% in high manganese steel. Increasing aluminum can refine the microstructure of high manganese steel after water toughening treatment, improve the yield strength of high manganese steel, and the impact toughness does not decrease(cheap corundum abrasive suppliers malaysia).

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