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Cheap Corundum Abrasive Wholesale Price Saudi Arabia

The results of hundreds of experiments in the laboratory show that the fused aluminium oxide is calcined at a certain temperature, which is the best solution to comprehensively improve the performance of the abrasive. To this end, the company designed a calcination with an annual output of 15,000 tons. The white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit production line is equipped with a gas generation system and a 60-meter energy-saving tunnel kiln.

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The set calcination process is completed under the control of a microcomputer program, and the best plan for satin firing of brown fused alumina abrasive is formulated. The calcined brown corundum abrasive has the following advantages: Eliminates the abnormal expansion of the chrome corundum: As the fused corundum is smelted during the smelting process, the abrasive contains a low price Oxidation (Ti203, Ti0), Carbide, and Nitric Oxide (TiC, TiN).(cheap corundum abrasive wholesale price saudi arabia)

After the aluminium oxide grit suppliers is calcined, the use performance of the abrasive is greatly improved. When they are calcined in an oxidizing atmosphere at 900 ° C to 1000 ° C, they will be further oxidized and the volume will increase accordingly, making the volume of the abrasive. The change exceeds its normal expansion, white fused aluminum oxide which is abnormal expansion. No rust spots appear when the tool is used, which improves the appearance and cutting ability of the tool.

(cheap corundum abrasive wholesale price saudi arabia)Improved toughness and grinding performance of brown aluminum oxide: Research has found that this is because during the satin firing of the abrasive, the TI3 + first solidified in the corundum crystal is oxidized to cause lattice shrinkage, thereby improving the abrasive resistance. Compressive strength, and secondly, black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media satin firing will also make up for the internal stress caused during the granulation process.

As a result, various abrasive tools produced with satin-fired abrasives are not only durable but sharp, white aluminum oxide blast media which improves the grinding performance of the abrasive tools. Improved the hydrophilicity of the brown corundum abrasive: After the brown corundum abrasive is burned at 800-900 ° C for 120 minutes, the hydrophilic property of the aluminium oxide sandblasting abrasive is improved by 3.5 times. The study found that this is due to impurities such as volatiles on the abrasive surface. 

Abnormal expansion of honing abrasives will cause brown cracks on the surface of brown aluminium oxide ceramic grinding wheels during firing, resulting in a large number of waste products. Clear, low-melting-point materials are burned out, and the capillary phenomenon on the black aluminum oxide blast media surface is increased. Abrasive materials with good hydrophilicity are used to coat abrasives, and their durability can be increased by 30-50%.(cheap corundum abrasive wholesale price saudi arabia)

Improved the strength of the aluminium oxide blasting abrasive: The abrasive after calcination removes impurities such as volatiles on the surface of the abrasive, improves the purity and cleanliness of the abrasive, so when the abrasive is manufactured, the binding force of the abrasive particles and the binder is increased, and the abrasive strength is reduced. The amount of the binding agent is increased, and the strength of the 80 grit aluminum oxide tool is improved.

(cheap corundum abrasive wholesale price saudi arabia)Satin firing is the most effective way to eliminate the abnormal expansion of pink fused alumina abrasives. Improved the appearance and cutting ability of the abrasive tools: The abrasives after satin firing are susceptible to magnetic separation due to the expansion and cracking of the iron-containing black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit particles, which reduces the magnetic content of the abrasives.

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