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Therefore, polyvinyl alcohol and carboxymethyl cellulose were selected as binders(aluminum oxide grit), and self-made powder was used to compare the adhesion and surface state of cyan agent, and the binder with excellent performance was selected to prepare cyaniding agent(alumina polishing powder). The sample size used for microstructure analysis, thickness test, electrochemical corrosion test and electron probe microanalysis is 28 mm × 5 mm.

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According to the application purpose of aluminizing layer, it is important to analyze the microstructure and evaluate the properties of the layer by effective methods(aluminum oxide abrasive). During the preparation of polyvinyl alcohol, the penetration agent agglomerates and colloidal substances are produced. The above phenomena can not be eliminated by changing the concentration(emery abrasive). After quenching at 860 ℃ for 1 hour, its hardness is 50 ~ 55HRC.

(cheap corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers pakistan)It was mixed with the self-made powder to form a green paste, which was coated on the surface of the sample(black silicon carbide). The effects of four kinds of binders with different content on the surface state of green agent after drying were compared. The results of thermodynamic calculation and analysis show that the selected components of permeating agent are feasible(garnet abrasive). Carboxymethyl cellulose was chosen as binder.

It can be seen that, like other chemical heat treatment, the content of binder has a great influence on the surface state of the paste after drying(green silicon carbide). The green agent with the content of 3wt% has a small viscosity and is not easy to be coated, and the cracks are small and numerous after drying(silicon carbide abrasive powder); the sounder with the content of 10wt% has large viscosity and good formability, but it is easy to form destructive through cracks after drying.

The self-protection paste boroaluminizing technology was used in the experiment, and the permeating layer was prepared by optimizing the permeating agent formula(silicon carbide abrasive). Carboxymethyl cellulose with 5wt% and 7wt% content is easy to be coated and has good formability, microhardness test, which can meet the test requirements(garnet suppliers). The carboxymethyl cellulose was fully dissolved in water bath at 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃.(cheap corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers pakistan)

In order to systematically discuss the relationship between the composition(brown aluminum oxide), microstructure and properties of the permeable layer, as well as the metallographic, the effect of the material of the permeable layer and the process parameters of the infiltration layer on the microstructure change of the layer is discussed(aluminum oxide blasting). The reason is that the chemical reaction between borax and polyvinyl alcohol forms the gel.

This chapter describes the thickness(brown fused alumina), microhardness, corrosion, wear and other performance test methods used in the study of the performance of the layer, electron probe, scanning electron microscope and other analytical methods used to study the microstructure, composition and surface morphology after corrosion and wear(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The paste prepared by carboxymethyl cellulose has good viscosity and is easy to be coated.

(cheap corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers pakistan)45 carbon steel is selected as the base material of the test ring on the stationary grinding part(synthetic corundum). The rotary lower test block is a sample with the size of 8mm × 9mm × 10mm cut from the practical sucker rod, which is used together with the lower test ring to test its wear performance after boroaluminizing(steel grid). There are oxide scale, oxide film, grease and other dirt on the surface of metal materials and mechanical parts.

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