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The 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media calcined at 1450 ~ 1550 ℃ can reach 86% ~ 88% when the particle radius is less than 2um, and the grinding ratio of single crystal (the diameter ratio of single crystal before and after grinding) is less than 1. The grinding time of alumina calcined at high temperature by ball mill is quite long, especially when nonmetal is used as 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media grinding medium.

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The 220 grit aluminum oxide particles calcined at 1450~1550 ℃ are equiaxed (round, sometimes angular) and have smooth edges after grinding. The content of iron powder is related to the grinding degree of single crystal. Because of the poor dispersion of alumina calcined at high temperature, when the pH value is 4, the potential is 37mv. The 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media calcined at 1750 ℃ for 10-11 hours, the radius of which is less than 2 um accounts for about 57%.

(cheap corundum sand manufacturers brazil)The 80 grit aluminum oxide calcined at higher temperature has long flakes with tooth like edge. The calcination temperature was increased from 1450 ℃ to 1650 ℃, and the iron content in the grinding increased from 0.04% to 0.18% (calculated by Fe2O3) when the vibration mill was used for fine grinding, while the iron content in the 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight grinding increased from 0.10% to 0.45% when the ball mill was used for fine grinding.

The increase of iron content is related to the long time grinding of fine grit aluminum oxide crystal calcined at high temperature. When grinding with metal abrasives, they must be washed by acid (HC1). Most of the iron is oxidized to Fe + and put into the solution. When they are clarified with distilled water or cation exchange water, Fe + is washed away by water, and impurities such as Na2O, Cao, SiO2 in the 240 grit aluminum oxide material are partially washed away.(cheap corundum sand manufacturers brazil)

However, the white aluminum oxide calcined at 1650 ~ 1750 ℃ needs to be rinsed for 4 ~ 7 times to be effective. The reason may be that the alumina calcined at high temperature, impurities and alumina are firmly combined, so it is difficult to transfer to the solution. The total amount of Fe2O3, SiO2, Na2O and other impurities remained in the washed alumina calcined at 1650 ~ 1750 ℃ is 0.01% ~ 0.07% higher than that calcined at 1450 ~ 1550 ℃.

(cheap corundum sand manufacturers brazil)The pH value of various white fused alumina suspensions calcined at 1650 ~ 1750 ℃ fluctuates in a large range, and it has a high potential. When the pH value of the alumina suspension calcined at 1450 ℃ is 2, the potential is 86mv; which is higher than the potential of the alumina suspension calcined at 1550 ℃. The potential of 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media (y-al2o3) was significantly increased when 15% of alumina (y-al2o3) was added to the suspension.

Adding 10% of white corundum calcined or increasing the solid concentration to 80% ~ 85% can improve the stability of the slurry. X-ray diffraction method, according to the characteristic peak of the diffraction pattern to determine whether it is y-al2o3 or a-Al2O3 crystal. In addition to dyeing, other methods need a long time to come to a conclusion, but the 180 grit aluminum oxide accuracy is higher than that of dyeing, the stability of the slurry is also reduced.(cheap corundum sand manufacturers brazil)

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