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Cheap Corundum Sand Manufacturers In China

During the production of white fused alumina, the main impurities in the furnace charge are Fe2O3, Al2O3, CaO, and MgO. These impurities all affect the quality, quantity, and crystallinity of the silicon carbide produced. During the production of silicon carbide, alumina is dissolved in the fused silica. It wraps the charge white aluminum oxide abrasive particles and prevents the formation of silicon carbide.

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Until the temperature exceeds 1750 ° C, Al2O3 is reduced to metal, and the formation of white aluminum oxide returns to normal. Therefore, Al2O3 in the furnace charge will shrink the silicon carbide generation band and reduce the silicon carbide crystal grain size. In addition, alumina has a great effect on the color of white fused aluminium oxide crystals. A slightly higher content of Al2O3 in the furnace charge increases the difficulty in smelting green silicon carbide.

(cheap corundum sand manufacturers in china)Iron and silicon do not form compounds and do not affect the color of corundum white, so it is not harmful to the formation of silicon carbide. Iron becomes liquid at 1360 ° C. Liquid iron can dissolve carbon, reduce silicon dioxide at lower temperatures, and act as a mineralizer. Therefore, the iron oxide in the charge can promote the formation of brown aluminum oxide 250 grit and make the shape of the silicon carbide crystals regular and coarse.

After smelting, the impurity iron mainly remains on the surface of the white corundum crystals and can be removed by pickling, which has little effect on product quality. However, improper refining, after iron enters the silicon carbide crystals in the form of carbides, pickling cannot be removed. Ceramic grinding wheels made of such silicon carbide abrasives are prone to redness and affect the appearance of the grinding wheels.(cheap corundum sand manufacturers in china)

Therefore, it is desirable that the less iron is contained in the charge, the better. In order to prevent the loss of Cr2O3, a mixture of Cr2O3 and brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers can be added in the middle and late stages of smelting to increase the content of chromium into solids. The production process of zirconium alumina is roughly the same as that of brown fused alumina suppliers, except that a large amount of zircon sand or ZrO2 is added to the raw materials.

(cheap corundum sand manufacturers in china)The 100 grit aluminum oxide white commonly used cooling methods are steel ball cooling method, semi-continuous steel ball cooling method, roller extrusion method and partition cooling method. Lightning arrester discs are made using this semiconductor characteristic of silicon carbide. The requirement for alumina in brown fused alumina 60 grit smelting is mainly the content of alumina and sodium oxide. Sodium oxide in alumina powder is the root cause of sodium aluminate.

Industrial brown fused alumina oxide is made by reacting carbon and silicon sand in a resistance furnace. The furnace charge for the production of silicon carbide is divided into three types: The main Anliao refers to silicon sand and carbon materials, also known as main materials. Auxiliary materials include wood flour and table salt, also called by-products. Recycled material refers to recycled aluminium oxide grit suppliers material that does not include spent material.(cheap corundum sand manufacturers in china)

Iron oxides are reduced to metallic iron at 1100 ° C to 1200 ° C. Silica sand is the main raw material for the manufacture of wholesale brown fused alumina. It provides SiO2 that participates in the SiC reaction in the furnace. Silica sand is also called quartz sand. River sand, sea sand or vein quartz is used as the silicon sand for smelting brown fused alumina factory. main raw materials, auxiliary materials and reflow materials. After smelting, a rapid cooling process is used.

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