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Industrial white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit is produced by the alkali method, which contains a small amount of Na2O. As far as the Nan-Al2O3 binary system is concerned, the amount of -Al2O3 in Al6 can be calculated as follows: that is, for each 1% Na2O, 16.1% Na2O · 11Al2O3 can be formed. It can be seen that the white aluminum oxide 120 grit amount of Al2O3 formed by a small amount of NaO impurities is quite large. 

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At present, the NaO content in domestic industrial brown aluminum oxide 70 grit is below 0.6%. At the same time, the industrial alumina is changed into a-Al2O3. Observation with a microscope revealed that the alumina selected from MgCl2 had extremely fine equiaxed alumina-magnesium spinel, most of which existed at the contact surfaces of the brown fused alumina grit particles, industrial alumina with a NaO content of about 0.1% can be obtained.(cheap corundum sand manufacturers japan)

The following methods can remove Na2O and improve the purity of industrial white fused alumina. Because βAl2O3 is produced by the process of producing industrial alumina by the alkali method, Na2O is mostly collected in large particles of industrial alumina larger than 60um. By screening and air sorting to remove these particles. Na2O in rhenium industrial alumina exists in the form of Na2O · 11Al2O3, namely -Al2O3, so that the black silicon carbide suppliers crystalline particles tend to be perfect.

(cheap corundum sand manufacturers japan)Na2O begins to volatilize at 1100 ° C in a dry hydrogen atmosphere; while white aluminum oxide at 1300 ° C in a reducing atmosphere and vacuum, the latter proceeds more intensely than the former. Al2O3 is stable in oxidizing and neutral (argon) media below 1650 ° C. In the air stream at 1650 ℃, Na2O can be discharged about 35%. As the temperature rises, Na2O becomes more volatile, aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh and β-Al2O3 is added in a reducing medium at 1700 ℃ or in an oxidizing atmosphere at 1800 ℃.

Industrial white corundum is completed by heat treatment at 1550 ~ 1750 ° C and calcination of corundum clinker balls (d-20mm) in a shaft kiln with a strong gas flow of 1800 ° C. In this way, the Na2O content of industrial alumina after treatment can be reduced to not more than 0.01% ~ 0.02%. Industrial brown aluminum oxide blast media in a loosely stacked state was calcined at 1550 ° C for 6 hours, and its Na2O could be reduced to 0.05% or even lower.(cheap corundum sand manufacturers japan)

Plutonium can be fully converted into glass bead blasting media suppliers. Its NaO content is basically the same as that of spectrally pure alumina or industrial alumina selected with boric acid, which is an order of magnitude lower than the Na2O content of the same level of industrial alumina that is acid-washed after calcination without additives, brown fused alumina for grinding and it is necessary to deal with it when producing high-quality corundum refractories.(cheap corundum sand manufacturers japan)

(cheap corundum sand manufacturers japan)Since MgO exists in a bound state, it will not cause difficulties in casting products using steel grid as acid mud, nor will it hinder the true density, mechanical properties and dielectric properties of special corundum products. With MgCl2, not only Na2O in alumina can be removed, it is also a regulator of brown aluminium oxide manufacturer crystal structure and morphology transformation required for firing corundum products, and no auxiliary process measures are required.

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