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Cheap Corundum Sand Manufacturers South Korea

The corundum sand industry has carried out 14 tests on the physical properties of ordinary abrasives, of which three items: particle size composition, particle density and magnetic content have been included in the national standard as the necessary items for fused aluminium oxide technical conditions. The other three methods: bulk density, hydrophilicity and pH value are listed in the national standard.

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The determination methods are divided into Vickers hardness and Knoop hardness. Other black aluminium oxide projects are being supplemented and improved. Hardness refers to the resistance of the object when the external force intrudes. According to the different ways of action of external force, hardness can be divided into two types: Mohs hardness is a kind of black fused alumina marking hardness, marked by the surname of German mineralogist Frederic Mohs. Minerals are identified by naked eyes.

(cheap corundum sand manufacturers south korea)Microhardness is a kind of hardness for white fused alumina pressing people. Vickers hardness is measured by using a diamond regular pyramid with an angle of 136 ° and a diamond pit with a load of P (kg) on the surface of the specimen. For example, the chemical composition of diamond and graphite is carbon, but the chrome corundum density of diamond is 3.51g/cm "and graphite is 2.23g/cm", so diamond is the hardest substance, while graphite has only one Mohs hardness.

Vickers hardness is calculated by using a diamond pyramid with an angle of 130 ° and 170 ° 30 ', and a diamond pit with a load of P (kg) on the pink alumina surface of the specimen,scribed hardness and indentation hardness.  The length of pit length diagonal L (mm), according to the following formula to calculate the Knoop hardness: China and European countries use Vickers hardness, the United States uses Knoop hardness. See table 1-5 for the Vickers microhardness of common pink fused alumina.(cheap corundum sand manufacturers south korea)

Now, the hardness of abrasives is mostly expressed by microhardness. Microhardness tester is used to measure white aluminum oxide microhardness. It is actually a microscope with loading device, as shown in Figure 1-3. The hardness value is determined by the size of the bond force between particles in the crystal structure. The bond force is also called the bond force. The stronger the bond force is, the stronger the ability of the aluminium oxide 36 grit crystal to resist external force deformation is, and the higher the hardness is.

(cheap corundum sand manufacturers south korea)Generally speaking, the bond force and hardness of molecular lattice crystal composed of molecular bond or metal bond are not strong. For example, the hardness of black silicon carbide factory polymer organics is very small, about 1-2 Mohs. Another example is that the Mohs hardness of copper is 2.5-3. The bond force of covalent bond is very strong, so the hardness of atomic crystal lattice composed of covalent bond is very high, such as diamond, boron nitride, boron carbide, black aluminum oxide blast media and so on.

The ionic bond also has a strong bond force, so the crystal of ionic lattice, such as white corundum, is an ionic compact hexagonal packing body with high hardness. The difference of the bond force is indicated by the difference of the packing tightness of the particles in the homomorphic polyhedron formed by the same component. The bulk tightness can be reflected in the density. Therefore, there is a positive correlation between the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media density and the hardness.(cheap corundum sand manufacturers south korea)

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