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Grinding discs need to be regularly ground with F20 ~ F30 ceramic wheels with larger diameters. Coarse and large particles are prevented in the black aluminium oxide steel grit. The grinding amount of the first side of the grinding wheel is generally 1/3 ~ 2/5 of the total balance, and then the second side is processed to the size of the pink fused alumina finished product. There are three types of inner hole drills for honing tools: diamond drills, light drills and fluted drills.

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When pink alumina machining grinding wheels with an outer diameter of 200mm or less, steel ferrules are used to process multiple pieces at one time. Large-diameter grinding wheels, rubber pads with a thickness of 1 ~ 1.5mm between the grinding wheel and the pressure plate to increase the card friction between the two. For fused aluminium oxide grinding wheels with smaller holes and thinner thickness, drilling is generally used to process the holes, and drilling is performed on a drilling machine.

During the operation, the processed grinding wheel is placed on the black silicon carbide factory grinding wheel table, the main shaft is started to rotate, and the drill bit lifting handle is pulled, so that the drill bit enters the hole of the processed grinding wheel for drilling. The drilling tools are mainly drill bits and corundum. It is used to process various sulfurized cements with graphite powder in brown. It is used for the filling of black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media grinding wheels.

The white fused alumina grinding stones are all processed by wet method, and the moisture content is 20% ~ 30%, and must be dried before packaging. Generally, the main drilling holes are ceramic bonding agent and resin bonding agent, and the inner hole of the grinding wheel with a thickness of 40mm or less is processed. After firing, the black aluminum oxide blast media grinding stone is deformed to varying degrees, and the dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy cannot meet the product quality requirements.

In particular, grindstones grinded mechanically, such as honing grindstones and black fused alumina super-fine grindstones, have stricter requirements on dimensional accuracy and geometric shapes and must be processed. The working disc is driven by a motor to rotate at a speed of 15 ~ 18m / s. The grinding stone to be processed is mechanically or manually given a certain pressure so that The aluminium oxide 36 grit particles perform a grinding action.

The cutting process is suitable for small size white aluminum oxide grinding stones. After the large grinding stone is processed by plane to reach the size of the finished product, it is cut into a single finished grinding stone by a cutting method. The abrasive of the grinding wheel is artificial diamond with good crystal form and high compressive strength. The corundum sand particle size requirements are similar to that of the grinding stone, and the concentration is 100% ~ 200%.

The silicon carbide abrasive grains generally use F46 ~ F80. The mixture of abrasive and water flows from the hopper above the table to the working disc. The bonding agent is a bronze bonding agent with strong binding ability and can withstand a certain temperature. When it is not good, the grinding wheel will swing left and right, which will affect the quality of the aluminum oxide sandblasting media workpiece and the strength of the grinding wheel. It will also easily break the grinding wheel.

If the two ends are not parallel, the wheel will yaw when rotating. Concentricity refers to the degree of deviation of the white corundum grinding wheel or grinding head in a concentric circle centered on the hole. When it is not good, the grinding wheel will run, which will affect the quality of the workpiece and also cause the grinding wheel to break. The perpendicularity refers to the perpendicularity of the axis of the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit grinding tool hole or the outer circle to the reference plane

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