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Cheap Corundum Sand Suppliers Netherlands

Black corundum and brown corundum, as a relatively extensive part of artificial abrasives, carry their respective missions in the industry. However, when choosing abrasives, many people will ask what is the difference between black corundum and brown corundum? How to choose? Many people who are not in business will have such questions, so today I will explain to you in detail!

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brown fused alumina and brown corundum are generally the same raw materials, but there are still very different in actual use. And what is the use of brown corundum powder? The alumina content of sapphire white fused aluminum oxide is between 75-95, while the alumina content of black corundum is between 45-75. In addition, the final production method adopted by the second production method is the dry separation method. 

(cheap corundum sand suppliers netherlands)The difference between black corundum and brown aluminum oxide can be expressed in the following aspects: The color of brown corundum is mostly brown, sometimes Blackish and sometimes reddish; black corundum is black with a metallic tint. Because the content of alumina in brown corundum is higher than that of buy brown fused alumina, the hardness of brown corundum is also greater than that of black corundum.

Alumina content is much lower than brown corundum. brown aluminium oxide is a common abrasive, and most objects can be used. As long as black corundum is aimed at some special user objects. In fact, the smelting method of black corundum and brown corundum is similar, but the power consumption of black corundum is lower than that of white aluminum oxide blast media, which is about two-thirds of that of brown corundum.(cheap corundum sand suppliers netherlands)

corundum white has moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpness, low sand consumption, recyclable use, and good abrasive finish. Although the first method has a high yield and low cost, the existence of fake particles is very unfavorable for the production of coated abrasives, and auxiliary materials for wear-resistant materials; brown fused aluminum oxide factory which will cause the coated abrasives enterprise to misjudge the product and cause undue losses.

(cheap corundum sand suppliers netherlands)Moreover, the chemical composition is stable, abrasion-resistant, and resistant to acid and alkali. The white fused alumina oxide mfg abrasive has a shell-like fracture with sharp edges and corners, and new edges and corners can be formed during continuous grinding and classification, and the grinding ability is not weak. white aluminum oxide 220 grit has very good self-sharpness, less heat generation during grinding, good smoothness of processed parts, and good hydrophilicity.

white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit can be used in the production and processing of refractory materials, polishing and grinding of fine equipment, black corundum can be used in the polishing of aluminum products and stainless steel, and the manufacture of sandpaper, abrasive cloth, and resin abrasive tools. Some fine particles on the surface of the particles will adhere to it, white aluminium oxide manufacturer which will increase the sand removal rate of the abrasive tool.(cheap corundum sand suppliers netherlands)

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