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Cheap Corundum Sand Wholesale Suppliers In China

The purpose of smelting aluminium oxide sandblasting is to reduce the oxide in bauxite and separate the ferroalloy and corundum melt, and to cool the corundum melt to obtain corundum crystal. Impurities in bauxite refer to iron oxide, silicon oxide, titanium oxide, etc. Carbon is used as reducing agent in smelting, and reduction reaction is carried out with the aluminium oxide abrasive grit participation of iron, so that the content of alumina can reach the standard of corundum abrasive.

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Therefore, smelting is an important link in the production of brown fused alumina. Due to the large current flowing through the short network in smelting, such a large current not only causes a large power consumption on the short network conductor, high production efficiency, is the most commonly used process at present; and then smelt to produce aluminium oxide blasting, so it has a great impact on the power factor of the electric arc furnace. 

There are three smelting processes for high purity fused aluminum oxide: continuous production, high degree of automation, but large investment, complex equipment structure, suitable for high-power smelting; dumping method: continuous production, high degree of mechanization, low investment, frit method: intermittent production, low degree of mechanization, but less investment, simple equipment, simple process, It is a process commonly used in small fused aluminum oxide power furnaces in small factories.

The operation contents of brown aluminum oxide smelting include: furnace opening, smelting and control, refining, pouring (discharging) furnace and cooling. In order to determine the amount of carbon in the furnace, the temperature of the molten solution and the reduction degree, necessary aluminium oxide blasting grit measures can be taken at any time, the most commonly used method of furnace condition analysis and furnace quality judgment in the production site is "stick method".

With the method of dip stick identification combined with the actual furnace conditions on site, the aluminum oxide for sand blaster urnace conditions can be correctly judged, and appropriate adjustments can be made. In addition, there are some abnormal phenomena, such as sniffing furnace or spraying furnace, large reaction, sintering and furnace collapse, covering, hard separation (bottom), artificial corundum silent phase and active phase, furnace leakage, electrode breaking and electrode falling off.

At the same time, due to the free carbon contained in the brown aluminium oxide itself, this part of free carbon will not produce reduction effect in the smelting process, and still remains in the form of free carbon in brown corundum. When corundum is used in refractories, this part of free carbon is oxidized into gas and discharged under high temperature environment, aluminum oxide blasting abrasive which makes the refractories bubble, greatly reducing the high temperature resistance and service life.

In order to solve the problem of poor performance caused by high impurity content and low alumina content in black alumina produced by using aluminum ash in the prior art, the technical scheme adopted is as follows: use aluminum ash to smelt and produce brown corundum at low temperature, mix the treated aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit and iron scraps, the smelting temperature is 1700-1800 ℃, and the processed aluminum ash is produced by electrolytic aluminum.

We will not elaborate on them one by one. pink aluminium oxide is made of bauxite and coke (anthracite) as the main raw materials, which are smelted at high temperature in the electric arc furnace. The abrasive tool made of brown corundum is suitable for grinding metals with high tensile strength, such as all kinds of general steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc. it can also be used to make high-grade refractory materials. The product of synthetic corundum price treated by the following steps.

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