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The shell test shall be carried out for the imitated parts according to gb4981-84(white corundum powder). The shell test can be carried out before the delivery of the casting plant (workshop) or after machining, but the drilling and manufacturing plant (workshop) shall be responsible for the quality of the shell test castings(aluminum oxide powder). Re heat treatment shall not be more than twice without the buyer's approval (tempering times are not limited).

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When the macro test method is used to inspect the internal defects(white fused alumina make company), it shall be carried out according to the special documents agreed by the manufacturer and the user. If the demander finds harmful defects in castings after acceptance and considers it necessary to return the castings(white aluminum oxide lapping compound), it shall inform the foundry (workshop) within 30 days after the defects are found and solve them through negotiation(only suitable for mechanical property inspection).

(cheap corundum sand wholesale suppliers philippines)During the production period, the appearance quality (surface roughness(aluminum oxide grit), surface defects, dimensional tolerance, etc.) of castings and the internal quality (chemical composition, physical properties, metallographic structure, internal defects, etc.) of castings are comprehensively inspected(aluminium oxide polishing compound). The demander raises objection to the pin material, and the material sample shall be kept for 30 days from the date of sending the test report.

When the capacity of medium steel furnace is not more than 500kg(brown fused alumina for abrasive), under the conditions of stable smelting process and small fluctuation of chemical composition, in order to ensure the quality of products, the castings of the same brand of cake steel produced by the same steelmaking furnace in one shift can be treated as castings with the same melting furnace number(white fused alumina abrasives). The poetry manufacturer can put forward the request for recheck in this room.

When the capacity of heat treatment furnace is small(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers), under the condition of fixed heat treatment process and stable heat treatment quality, the same type of heat treatment furnace is used to separate heat treated parts. The first batch of castings which have been shut down for more than half a year should also be inspected(brown fused alumina powder). Another sample shall be taken from the batch test block for test. The trim shall be anchored or marked.(cheap corundum sand wholesale suppliers philippines)

It is allowed to take one chemical analysis sample for each smelting furnace number according to the number of castings treated with the same protection heat treatment(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). One tensile specimen and three impact specimens are taken from each batch of castings. Chemical analysis shall meet the requirements of the standard(80 grit aluminum oxide). The depth of the bottom track of steel key surface finishing shall meet the following requirements.

(cheap corundum sand wholesale suppliers philippines)If the mechanical property test results meet the requirements of the standard, it is qualified; if not, it is allowed to retest the unqualified test(aluminum oxide polishing powder). If the re inspection results meet the requirements of the following paragraph (3) and the heart, it is qualified. For the re inspection of controlled elongation test, two samples shall be taken from the same batch of test blocks(100 grit aluminum oxide media), and the test results of each sample shall meet the requirements of the standard.

For the re inspection of impact test, three samples shall be taken from the same batch test(white grain aluminum oxide a 220). The test results shall meet the specified requirements, and the average test results of six samples including the initial inspection shall meet the requirements of the standard(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16). When the mechanical property inspection or re inspection fails, the batch of castings and test blocks are allowed to be re heat treated, and then re analyzed for inspection.(cheap corundum sand wholesale suppliers philippines)

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