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Cheap Corundum White Manufacturers In Hungary

Due to the high temperature (800 ℃) environment during welding, the arc fused alumina spontaneous magnetization area of each metal phase component in the binder is damaged due to intense molecular thermal movement, the magnetic domain breaks down, the magnetism disappears, and the mutual attraction between the white fused aluminum oxide components of the binder is greatly reduced.

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In this process, the pink aluminum oxide cutter made after welding is placed in the magnetic field for magnetization. Under the action of the external magnetic field, firstly, the atoms in the metal phase components of the binder are combined into a small area with the same magnetization direction, that is, the magnetic domain is formed again. At this time, the arrangement direction of the magnetic domains is disordered and the magnetization direction of the chrome corundum magnetic domains is not the same.(cheap corundum white manufacturers in hungary)

Then, under the action of the brown aluminium oxide external magnetic field, the volume of those domains with small angle between the magnetization direction and the external magnetic field expands with the increase of the external magnetic field, and the magnetization direction of the domain further turns to the external magnetic field direction. The volume of other black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit domains with large angle between the magnetization direction and the external magnetic field direction gradually shrinks.

(cheap corundum white manufacturers in hungary)At this time, the overall black aluminum oxide magnetization increases until the external magnetic field increases to To a certain extent, all magnetic domains are arranged along the external magnetic field. At this time, the components of each metal phase reach the magnetic saturation state, that is, saturation magnetization is formed, the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media magnetism is the strongest and does not continue to grow, and magnetization is completed.

After magnetization, the magnetic properties of the metal components in the binder of white aluminum oxide cutting tools can be restored to their original state, which can be greatly improved compared with that before demagnetization, and the mutual attraction ability can be improved, so that the bonding strength of the binder can be greatly improved, and the diamond particles in the cutter head can be embedded more firmly, and the aluminium oxide sandblasting abrasion resistance of the binder or the diamond particles can be improved, and the service life can be prolonged, and it is high.(cheap corundum white manufacturers in hungary)

On the basis of wear resistance, the working speed can be increased, and then the brown fused aluminum oxide working efficiency can be greatly improved. Taking the diamond cutter on the stone sawing machine as an example, it can be magnetized after welding, and its service life can be prolonged twice as long as the original one. In unit time, the stone sawing speed and the number of stone sawing can also be increased to twice as long as the original one, black aluminum oxide blast media which greatly provides the working efficiency, saves the power consumption and reduces the production cost.

(cheap corundum white manufacturers in hungary)Therefore, the bonding strength of the binder to the white fused alumina particles is reduced, and the emery particles in the cutter are easy to wear and fall off. If it is directly after welding With the tool, the wear resistance is low, the use effect is poor, and the service life of the tool is short. In a word, the invention is of great significance and can be used in oil drilling, tunnel driving, stone processing and other fields, with the effect of fused alumina reducing equipment loss, prolonging service life, accelerating speed, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

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