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To sum up, in the process of precision casting silica sol, white corundum sand can replace the mixed quartz sand to a certain extent, but the effect of the mixed quartz powder is still irreplaceable at present. A variety of drainage plants, chemical plants and power station nuclear power plants are also the places where brown corundum is most used.

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According to the whole process of pink corundum sample change, we can determine the best firing temperature and temperature rise standard, or judge the state of the sample under the temperature according to the determined firing temperature, so as to adjust the tile matching of the test tussah to adapt to the established firing temperature. When it is used for the silicon carbide abrasive surface coating, it can easily get a bright and clean casting surface. 

The application scope of white fused alumina can be used for making abrasives, such as sand blasting on refractories and grinding wheels. The function of sand blasting is to adjust toughness, moderate hardness and high aggregation density. It can be widely used in ordinary abrasives or high-grade refractories, resin abrasives, building pavements and other wear-resistant materials, as well as commonly used green silicon carbide abrasive paper and gauze.

black silicon carbide is one of the artificial abrasives mixed with many kinds of materials. The products need to be processed in strict accordance with the national standards when they are manufactured. The characteristics of white corundum being large are small size, high purity, good hardness, good wear resistance, convenience and high corrosion resistance similar to refractories. Now let's answer from the properties of two different aluminum oxide abrasive materials. 

Good stability. Similar to the use of white aluminum oxide, it is also applicable to the polishing of abrasive surfaces, the production of high-quality refractories, special ceramics, glass and other industries. All kinds of ship related places, such as ship repair places or shipbuilders, and even the warehouse maintenance can use aluminum oxide grit. The products made are good, can be effectively improved in quality, and are easy to use. 

The surface of non-ferrous metals, even the aircraft industry, as well as the surface of sculptures and so on, need the use of white aluminum oxide abrasive to make it more excellent. In fact, brown corundum can be used not only for environmental protection, but also for cleaning high-pressure water equipment. In the process of silica sol casting, white fused aluminium oxide sand can be used instead of staggered quartz sand, but why can't white corundum powder replace staggered quartz powder? 

If you want to consult us for more knowledge about brown fused alumina price, you can consult us. The maintenance of large vehicles and containers also need to use brown corundum. First of all, the white corundum sand can replace the staggered quartz sand because the anti sticking effect of the staggered quartz powder coating is better, and the pink fused alumina high-temperature performance of the staggered quartz powder is very good.

According to the above content, you have a certain understanding of the six industries that use the most black corundum. Compared with the high-temperature performance of the white corundum powder, the high-temperature performance of the white corundum powder is not as good as that of the white corundum powder, making the fused aluminium oxide powder coating easy to produce problems such as the sand sticking weight of the casting surface.

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