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Cheap Corundum White Suppliers In China

Send the movable furnace to the furnace and connect it with the traction equipment brown fused alumina price. First install the bottom insulation material: move the furnace car, enter the insulation material storage bin, put down the insulation material scraper, and then open the insulation material warehouse gate to adjust the amount of material The insulation material is scraped as it falls. The furnace car is run once to install the black synthetic corundum insulation material.

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The lower reaction material is loaded: The lower reaction black aluminum oxide material is installed in a semi-circular groove formed by the furnace bottom insulation material, which is required to be flat and slightly compacted. The process is similar to the bottom insulation material. On the plane of the lower reaction material, a diagonal pit is dug at the electrode end surface with a shovel to expose the electrode end surface so that the graphite of the enlarged part of the fused aluminum oxide furnace core can be installed.

(cheap corundum white suppliers in china)Install the partition box: Move the furnace to the crane operation area, hoist the partition box to form the white fused alumina space between the charging and the core. The furnace is then moved back to the storage bin, and the insulation and reaction materials are filled. Furnace core: a canvas sleeve is connected under the graphite silo, and the barrel is placed in a space in the center. The corundum white graphite is placed to a certain height without pressure or slight pressure.

Add graphite at both ends to tamp. The upper pink aluminum oxide material is almost buried in the bulkhead box. Pull out the bulkhead box, pay attention to the vertical when pulling out, and then manually arrange the material surface to be arc-shaped. Finally, load the reaction material and insulation material, and manually sort it into a trapezoid. It is necessary to keep its resistance within a certain range, and the resistance of each section should be the same. Calibrate the instrument with a standard aluminum oxide grit sample.(cheap corundum white suppliers in china)

For this purpose: maintain the appropriate filling density of the white aluminum oxide core material; maintain the accuracy of the core size; control the foreign material of the core material; control the particle size of the core material to less than 1/10 of the core width; the core location should be on the side walls on both sides Center; at the junction of the furnace core and the electrode, the graphite is trumpet-shaped and tamped. The height of the upper black silicon carbide material layer affects the quality of the upper silicon carbide crystal layer.

(cheap corundum white suppliers in china)Large thickness crystals tend to produce more silicon carbide abrasive, and small thicknesses tend to produce more silicon, and it is more likely to cause a spray furnace. Therefore, it should be charged according to the specified size; In the reaction zone, avoid loss to the non-reaction zone. The aluminum oxide abrasive method for measuring the content of magnetic materials in artificial or natural abrasives is as follows: The instrument is powered on and warmed up for 15 minutes.

According to the measurement accuracy requirements, the "range switch" is set to the "0.1%" or "1%" range. Adjust the "brown aluminium oxide Sample Weight" knob to 100g. Adjust the "Zero" knob to the display value of 0.0000. Place the empty test tube in the receiver and adjust the "Zero" knob to the display value of 0.0000. Weigh a 100g sample, pour it into an empty test tube, and insert it into the receiver. Read the value on the digital display, green silicon carbide which is the percentage content of the magnetic substance.(cheap corundum white suppliers in china)

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