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A large amount of aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh grinding heat is often generated during the grinding process, and the grinding tool locally reaches a high temperature. When silicon carbide abrasive process steel, the following chemical reactions occur: The production of SiC (s) + 4Fe (l) → FeSi (s) + FeaC (s) chemical reactions affects both the grinding performance of the fused aluminium oxide and the serious impact Quality and performance of machined parts.

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It is easy to process into pink alumina particles with different particle sizes to meet the requirements of different grinding applications and different grinding accuracy. According to the theoretical analysis of imbalance, the imbalance state produced by the grinding wheel at high speed can be divided into three types: static imbalance, moment imbalance and dynamic imbalance. Usually, the ordinary consolidated black aluminum oxide blast media tools are only used for static imbalance inspection. 

(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide manufacturers usa)Therefore, the white aluminum oxide grinding wheel must have sufficient tensile strength. It is not easy to produce chemical reaction with the material being ground. For example, the clay has a high SiO2 content, especially when it contains more free quartz, the plasticity is necessarily lower, but the shrinkage will be smaller. Because the thickness of the general black fused alumina grinding wheel is not large, the force couple that causes the dynamic imbalance will not be large.

The black aluminium oxide raw materials used in the binder are divided into main components according to the major and minor components in the binder: clay, feldspar, quartz and so on. The secondary clay is a hydrous aluminosilicate mineral formed by long-term weathering and geological action of feldspar-containing rocks in the crust. the use of clay plasticity, so that the molding black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media material has a certain molding performance, so that the blank has a certain wet and dry strength;(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide manufacturers usa)

Introduce ingredients to the binder, and white fused alumina promote the formation of high aluminate glass and other minerals; expand the sintering range of the binder. Generally, the sintering range of high-quality aged soil is 200 ° C, and the impure clay is 150 ° C. Adding clay to the binder can increase the sintering range. Clay is mainly formed by alkali metal aluminosilicates such as feldspar and mica through long-term weathering or pink fused alumina hydrothermal action in hot and humid climates and acid media.

(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide manufacturers usa)For example, the black silicon carbide suppliers formation of kaolinite can be generally expressed by the following formula: According to the formation conditions of clay, its main chemical components are SiO2, Al2O3, and crystal water. Mainly have the following points: With different geology and formation conditions, it also contains a small amount of alkali metal and alkaline earth metal oxides and chrome corundum colored oxides (Fe2O3, TiO2). The more the content, the darker the color.

The role of clay in binders. If it contains a certain amount of K2O and NaO and the white corundum amount of caustic soda is low, its sintering temperature must be low. The high Al2O3 content in the clay (such as above 35%) indicates that it is difficult to sinter. If the iron oxide is less than 1% and TiO2 is less than 0.5%, the green body is still white after firing. If the iron oxide reaches 1% ~ 2.5% and TiO2 reaches 0.5% ~ 1%, the black silicon carbide factory color of the burnt body is light yellow or light gray.(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide manufacturers usa)

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