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Cheap Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Belgium

With the national attention to environmental protection, many producers of aluminum oxide blasting abrasive sand with high pollution discharge not up to the standard have been shut down and production has been banned. From the market point of view, what is the market supply and demand situation of corundum abrasive segment sand? Let's give you a detailed introduction of Qianjiaxin refractory.

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Because of its high hardness, good wear resistance and high strength, it is used in chemical systems of various reaction vessels and black aluminum oxide media pipelines, components of chemical pumps, mechanical components, various molds, such as wire drawing dies, pencil core dies, etc; 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media has a shell like fracture with sharp corners, which can form new edges and edges in continuous crushing and grading, making it better than other grinding materials. 

(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers belgium)In particular, it has the advantages of brown aluminium oxide high hardness, high specific gravity, stable chemical properties, unique self sharpening, etc., and is the first choice of sandblasting abrasives. It can be widely used in refractories, noodles, coatings, furnaces, nozzles, sandblasting, water jet cutting, grinding, surface treatment, surface rust removal, polishing, etc. The 60 grit aluminum oxide uses air flow grinding to produce micro powder grade abrasives. 

It is understood that the main reason is that the supply of raw materials for alumina grit is still tight in the near future, and the environmental protection of enterprises has reduced the power supply. Brown corundum section sand is made of grinding tools, suitable for grinding high tensile strength metals, such as all kinds of ordinary steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc. it can also be made into advanced white alumina powder refractories.

(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers belgium)The material parameters of brown aluminum oxide mainly include: hardness, toughness, modulus of elasticity, feed particle size and distribution, discharge particle size and distribution, feeding speed, and the gravitational acceleration that affects the total stress state of the material in the system. If you want to know more about the relevant aspects of the alumina abrasive, you can pay attention to Qianjiaxin refractory! 

Due to the properties of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength, synthetic corundum price section sand adopts cast steel sliding nozzle to treat rare and precious metals, special alloys, ceramics, ironmaking blast furnace lining (walls and pipes); physical and chemical appliances, spark plugs, heat-resistant and oxidation-resistant coating. In fact, the use of the aluminum oxide 40 grit segment sand is very wide.(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers belgium)

Manufacturing tools, mold abrasives, bulletproof materials, human joints, sealing mold rings, etc. The above is a detailed introduction to the market situation and characteristics of the brown fused alumina segment sand. In an ideal state, once the feed particle size and distribution of the aluminum oxide abrasive media material and the discharge particle size and distribution are determined, the product output of the air flow pulverizing system is relatively determined.

(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers belgium)The main reasons affecting the output are material parameters and air flow parameters Noodles. The toughness of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit segment sand is better than SiC, the microhardness is 1800-2200kg / mm2, the bulk density is ≥ 3.85g/cm3, the high temperature resistance and the fire resistance can reach 1850 ℃. At the same time, it is the ideal material for sand blasting and derusting, as well as aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive grinding and polishing. 

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