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The white aluminum oxide blast media product quality standard is a technical regulation issued in a specific form through a certain approval procedure, which reflects the product quality characteristic parameters according to the objective requirements of use and the possibility of actual technical level. The quality standard of abrasive products is divided into four levels: international standard, national standard, white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit industry standard and enterprise standard.

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The quality standard of abrasive tools includes two parts: basic standard and technical standard. The brown fused aluminum oxide factory technical standards include the technical regulations and inspection methods of dimensional tolerance, geometrical tolerance, appearance defect, static balance, strength and hardness of brown aluminium oxide manufacturer tools, as well as the safety rules of abrasive tools, marks and packaging of abrasive tools, acceptance and storage of abrasive tools, etc.

The inspection items of common white fused alumina consolidation Abrasives include: appearance defects, overall dimensions, geometrical tolerance, hardness, static balance, rotation strength and organization number. Among them, hardness, static balance, rotation strength and organization number directly determine the internal performance of the safety and use performance of the brown fused alumina for grinding, so they are called the inspection of the internal quality of the abrasive.

According to the jb7992-1995 standard, the white aluminium oxide manufacturer organization number can not be inspected under normal conditions, but when the user raises an objection, it shall be measured according to the standard JB / t8339-1996. For the measurement of the basic size of abrasive tools, different inspection tools shall be selected according to the accuracy requirements of the allowable limit deviation specified by different abrasive tools and different brown aluminum oxide blast media sizes.

The general inspection used in the dimension inspection of white aluminum oxide tools includes steel ruler, vernier caliper, etc., and the special inspection includes plug gauge, caliper, sample plate, etc. The aperture measurement needs a more precise measuring tool, usually a limit gauge. The limit gauge is composed of the white aluminum oxide 120 grit through end and the stop end to control the upper and lower deviation of the hole diameter tolerance respectively.

The above five projects are called "five degrees" in the white aluminum oxide 220 grit industry. The angle is measured by a sample plate or angle ruler (as shown in figure 2-38), and whether the workpiece is qualified is judged according to the coincidence between the sample plate and the workpiece. Check the parallelism and coaxiality of the position tolerance in the brown fused alumina grit grinding tool standard, and check the roundness, flatness and cylindricity of the shape tolerance specified in the guiding technical documents.

In fact, the perpendicularity of the white corundum grinding wheel hole and the plane directly affects the use of the grinding wheel and should be strictly controlled. Therefore, there are generally six items for checking the form and position tolerance of the grinding tool. Flatness refers to the unevenness of any surface of the abrasive tool to the ideal plane. Parallelism refers to the degree of non parallelism between the two ends of the black silicon carbide suppliers grinding tool and the datum plane containing the two ends.

Roundness refers to the error degree of the edge shape of the normal section of the brown aluminum oxide 70 grit cylindrical surface, spherical surface and conical surface of the grinding tool to the ideal circle. If it is not good, it will increase the dressing amount. Cylindricity refers to the difference between the maximum diameter and the minimum diameter of cylindrical abrasive tools in two coaxial cylinders. Bad dressing will also increase the amount of dressing, affecting the balance of the aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh grinding wheel.

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