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Cheap Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers South Africa

In the construction industry, it is often necessary to grind the terrazzo floor to obtain a certain degree of finish. The ground of this pink alumina kind of millstone is generally formed by coarse particles of medium-low hardness dolomite or colored marble by pouring cement. In addition, grinding wheels made of brown alumina or aluminum oxide abrasive have low grinding efficiency, poor toughness, and poor self-sharpening.

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The silicon carbide abrasive growth has caused the production costs of resin abrasive manufacturing companies to continue to increase, coupled with the impact of the international financial crisis, making it difficult for some manufacturing companies to withstand pressure, and they have gone bankrupt or switched careers. The working layer is embedded in the space defined by the iron base. At the same time, TiO2 in aluminum oxide grit cannot be overreduced.

(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers south africa)The brown fused alumina abrasive is made of slag slope material and iron slag as the main raw materials. Other materials are appropriately added, mixed with the formula, and smelted in an electric arc furnace at high temperature. It is mainly composed of a-A1203 and iron spinel. Visually, it was black and translucent, so the name was synthetic corundum, and its code was BA. Therefore, it is a novel abrasive for manufacturing resin abrasives. 

The main raw materials for grinding wheel products are abrasives with a high aluminum content, led by brown corundum and white corundum, and the main raw material for smelting brown corundum is bauxite. It is characterized by a low A1203 content and the presence of a certain amount of Fe203 (about 10%), so it has the characteristics of moderate hardness, high toughness, high temperature resistance, and stable thermal properties.

(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers south africa)In order to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, a high-efficiency brown aluminum oxide grinding wheel made of black corundum-based abrasive is provided, which can effectively solve the problems of low grinding wheel grinding efficiency, poor toughness, and poor self-sharpness. The emery abrasive grinding wheel for ground grinding includes a working layer, a transition layer, and an iron base.

The center part of the green silicon carbide grinding wheel has a nozzle. The nozzle is in communication with one to three small holes defined in its surroundings, and the working layer is made of black corundum-based abrasive through high temperature melting. The specific black fused alumina manufacturing process steps of the grinding wheel are: smelting of slag slope and steel slag-crushing-screening-granulating-mixing-pressing-hardening-quality inspection-packaging.

(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers south africa)The transition layer is located between the working layer and the iron base. The beneficial effects of using this brown aluminium oxide grinding wheel are: high grinding efficiency, strong cutting force, large toughness, good self-sharpness, less heat generation during grinding, difficult to scratch the workpiece, difficult to burn the brown fused alumina manufacturer workpiece in cutting stainless steel, and has significant Economic and social benefits.

Also, the calcination, shaping, and modification of abrasive particles can improve the properties of black silicon carbide. Attention must be paid to the proportions of the titanium dioxide and alumina melting mixtures to keep them in the form of technically compatible brown corundum. The amount of Ti2O3 dissolved is very important for the calcined color and toughness of white fused alumina suppliers.(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers south africa)

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