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Cheap Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Germany

Corundum products are the best choice for abrasives, but the traditional production process causes many aspects of pollution to the environment during the production process. If not treated, the harm is very great. This is contrary to the current concept of low-carbon environmental protection and energy-saving production, so we must also achieve the environmental protection of the aluminium oxide blasting grit production process, how to do it?

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We can install some dust removal equipment to solve the silicon carbide companies pollution caused by dust in the processing occasions; and water pollution can be solved by water circulation to zero discharge, which not only solves the problem of pollution, but also improves the processing efficiency. The aluminium oxide abrasive grit processing of noise during the processing is relatively simple, as long as the relevant silencing equipment is installed.(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide wholesale germany)

However, black oxide aluminum is usually rich in some impurities. The coal used in the sintering corundum abrasive during calcination and drying is the culprit of gas pollution, so if the coal-to-gas method is used to replace it, there will be no problems in this respect. It is believed that after various improvements, these original problems will definitely be improved, and the aluminum oxide blasting abrasive produced will also be more environmentally friendly.

(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide wholesale germany)During the brown fused alumina smelting process, dust pollution, water pollution, other pollution, and noise pollution are several major items of environmental pollution, so the realization of environmentally friendly production should start from these aspects. At high temperatures, aluminium oxide blasting can also form mullite with micro-silica powder, which advances the high-temperature strength of the castable.

Then the effect of emery abrasive on refractory is reflected in detail? After replacing the alumina powder with appropriate white corundum powder, the high temperature resistance of the refractory has not decreased and there is progress, and the rate of change of the refractory line also increases . The reason is that with the addition of appropriate aluminium oxide sandblasting powder, the denseness of the castable can be properly advanced.(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide wholesale germany)

The higher the purity and quality of brown aluminum oxide, the fewer the impurities. The content of impurities directly affects the function of white corundum. The impurities in white corundum are mainly SiO2, TiO2, Fe2O3 and so on. These impurities will affect his refractory function. Some impurities are fusible, and some impurities have a high melting point. However, when they exist together, artificial corundum fusible materials may occur at high temperatures.

(cheap fine grit aluminum oxide wholesale germany)Participating in the proper green carborundum in the refractory material can effectively advance the function of the refractory material, so the presence of impurities usually has a solubilizing effect on the refractory material, but it is seriously harmful to the effect of resisting high temperature of the material. Therefore, when black synthetic corundum is added to the refractory guess, it is necessary to use high-purity white corundum, not to use cheap white corundum cheaply.

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