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Cheap Fused Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers In NZ

The current technical conditions of bauxite clinker in brown aluminium oxide smelting industry are: Al2O3 > 85%, SiO2 < 5%, Fe2O3 < 2%, TiO2 > 3.5%. The technical conditions of homogeneous bauxite clinker suitable for this technology are: Al2O3 > 80%, SiO2 < 9%, Fe2O3 < 2%, TiO2 > 4.0%. Compared with the existing technology, the technology has the following fused aluminium oxide beneficial effects: expanding the application scope of bauxite.

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At present, mature bauxite ore (equivalent to raw bauxite Al2O3 > 74%) is widely used in brown fused alumina smelting. This technology enables Al2O3 in 65-72% bauxite to be successfully separated from bauxite by this roasting process, so as to realize the purpose of bauxite desilication, greatly improve the bauxite alumina silica ratio, and make 65-72% bauxite to be homogenous through roasting desilication. After that, it can meet the technical requirements of bauxite raw materials smelting with white aluminum oxide blast media.

(cheap fused aluminium oxide manufacturers in nz)The application value of low-grade bauxite ore is greatly improved. Because of the aluminium oxide blasting stable quality, controllable density, good permeability and low melting point of the average bauxite, the power consumption can be reduced by 300 ~ 400 degrees / ton for smelting brown corundum. The use of aluminium oxide grit suppliers homogeneous bauxite makes the furnace condition more stable, avoids the reaction of furnace condition, and has good safety.

Using this technology to homogenize bauxite can realize the standardization of brown aluminum oxide, automatic control, reduction of labor force and improvement of labor environment. Remove the magnetism from the abrasives to facilitate sand planting. The invention has no high energy consumption and high pollution process such as post-treatment of ceramic plating process, white fused aluminum oxide which is not only energy-saving, but also beneficial to environmental protection.(cheap fused aluminium oxide manufacturers in nz)

Coated abrasives factories need a large number of brown corundum abrasives, and brown corundum abrasives are smelting from non renewable mineral resources. How to reuse the limited brown corundum abrasive resources has become a major issue in the abrasive industry. This paper introduces a regeneration method of brown corundum abrasives. By using this method, the waste grinding wheel and cutting piece can be made into high-grade black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media, which is economical and practical.

(cheap fused aluminium oxide manufacturers in nz)Regeneration method of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit abrasives: put the waste consolidated abrasives such as ceramic abrasive wheel and cutting piece into the glume crusher for coarse crushing, then add them into the roll crusher for fine crushing, pass the 8 mesh coarse screen, the coarse block is returned to the roll crusher for re crushing, and the coarse screen material is shaped into flake or sword shape that meets the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media production requirements of coated abrasives, wind wash, remove dust, and magnetic separation.

Different size of chrome corundum was screened out by different sieves. In the regeneration method, the waste ceramic abrasive wheels, cutting pieces and other consolidated abrasive tools are utilized to make use of the old and the waste. The abrasives produced reach the properties of brown corundum abrasives, which can replace black aluminum oxide blast media abrasives, and the grinding performance is generally improved by more than 30% compared with brown corundum abrasives.(cheap fused aluminium oxide manufacturers in nz)

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