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Cheap Fused Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers USA

Therefore, in the brown fused alumina grit production process of abrasive tools, the property requirements of phenolic resin powder are controlled. Phenolic resin liquid is a kind of thermosetting phenolic resin which can be cured by itself after heat polycondensation with phenol and formaldehyde (molar ratio of 1:1.0 ~ 1.2) as chrome corundum raw materials, ammonia water (0.5% ~ 1%) or sodium hydroxide (< 1%).

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Phenolic resin solution is a kind of red brown to dark brown viscous liquid at room temperature, steel shot abrasive which can be dissolved in ethanol, acetone, glycoaldehyde, phenol and strong base. This transformation accelerates with the increase of temperature, so the storage period of phenolic resin solution is generally less than 3 months. The water level of the beaker is at the mark, black silicon carbide suppliers and the technical conditions are put forward. 

(cheap fused aluminium oxide manufacturers usa)The resin softening point is determined by the universal method. The brown aluminium oxide principle is: place a certain weight of steel ball on the copper ring filled with the sample, heat the steel ring in water (or oil), and the sample begins to soften after heating. The steel ball falls to a certain distance of baffle through the softened resin, and the aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh temperature is the softening point of the sample.

The glass bead abrasive metal ring frame is composed of two rods and three parallel metal plates. The weight is 3.45-3.55g. During the measurement, place the sample in the clean porcelain crucible, heat and melt it on the electric heating plate, stir it evenly, then pour it into the two hot copper rings which have been placed on the glass plate (or porcelain plate), press it gently with the blade while it is hot, so that it is full of black aluminium oxide no defect and no bubble.

(cheap fused aluminium oxide manufacturers usa)After solidification, cut the brown aluminum oxide sample higher than the ring with the hot blade, and cool it to room temperature. Use ubbelot drop meter. Place the copper ring in two holes in the middle layer of the metal ring frame, place a steel ball in the middle of the sample, and then immerse it in the beaker. Slowly heat on the electric furnace and gently rotate the pink alumina instrument rack for mixing to make the temperature uniform.

(for the sample with softening point higher than 95 ℃, put 2 / 3 volume of glycerin into the beaker garnet abrasive price, for the sample with softening point lower than 95 ℃, put 1 / 3 volume of glycerin into the beaker). Sieve residue refers to the percentage of mass that the sample passes through a certain size of sieve (F100 or F150) and its non passing (on sieve). Therefore, phenolic resin solution plays different roles in the two black silicon carbide factory manufacturing processes.(cheap fused aluminium oxide manufacturers usa)

The glass beads manufacturers whole metal ring frame is put into a 800ml beaker, and there are two yellow steel rings for holding the brown fused alumina sample, two steel balls in total, with a diameter of 9.53mm. When the heating speed is about 5 ℃ per minute, and it is close to the softening point 20 ℃, the heating speed is 1-3 ℃ per minute, until the steel ball penetrates the sample and touches the bottom metal baffle, the black fused alumina temperature is the softening point.

(cheap fused aluminium oxide manufacturers usa)During the test, the drop temperature difference between the two balls shall be less than 1.5 ℃. 500gf24 brown corundum was mixed with furfural or furfuryl alcohol of 11.5-13cm (furfural or furfuryl alcohol content > 95%), then 65g resin powder was added and stirred evenly to form a single 85g 8-shaped block, white aluminum oxide 120 grit which was hardened according to certain hardening specifications, and then its tensile strength was measured.

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