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Cheap Fused Aluminium Oxide Suppliers Malaysia

In order to ensure a certain strength, the brown fused alumina tool should have a good microstructure, with as few microcracks and micropores as possible in the bond bridge. Weigh the appropriate abrasives and binders according to the F46L abrasive tool formula and brown aluminium oxide manufacturer production process, mix, shape, dry, and roast them to make industry-specific "8" block samples.

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The causes of microcracks are: the thermal expansion difference between the binder and the brown aluminum oxide particles is large, the reaction capacity is small, and cracks are likely to occur at the contact between the binder and the abrasive particles; during the firing process of the abrasive tool, brown fused alumina for grinding crystals and glass bodies may be formed in the binder. Select more than 10 non-defective and crack-free samples.(cheap fused aluminium oxide suppliers malaysia)

The air bubbles in the brown aluminium oxide binding agent are mostly derived from the gas generated when the raw material impurities are decomposed. In order to minimize the air bubbles in the bridge of the binding agent, a reasonable firing curve should be used, the holding time should be appropriately extended, or a high-temperature viscosity. The impact of these brown aluminum oxide blast media properties on the strength is not isolated from each other, but affects each other. 

(cheap fused aluminium oxide suppliers malaysia)The tensile strength and flexural strength of brown fused aluminum oxide factory are also related to the content of glassy phase in the binder. Under the same conditions, the more the glass phase content, the greater the strength. For example, in a binder, the content of the glass phase is increased from 75% to 100%, and the brown fused alumina grit tensile and flexural strengths are increased from 10 MPa, 42.5 MPa to 20 MPa, and 55 MPa, respectively Sample.

The other white aluminium oxide manufacturer properties of the binder (fluidity, reaction ability, etc.) are closely related to the strength of the abrasive. According to ceramic theory, if there are microcracks and micropores in the bond bridge, it will lead to stress concentration and greatly reduce the tensile strength of the bond. The bending strength and tensile strength of the white aluminum oxide 120 grit tool have the same trend and the same influencing factors.(cheap fused aluminium oxide suppliers malaysia)

The above-mentioned influencing factors refer to the "8" block tensile strength of the white aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive. The factors affecting the strength of the grinding wheel products also include the characteristics and specifications of the grinding wheel (abrasive type, black silicon carbide suppliers particle size, hardness, forming density, etc.). The tensile strength of "8" block should be 7.0 ~ 9.0MPa; for a 50m / s wheel, the stress is 13.0 ~ 15.0MPa, the stress is 17.0 ~ 20.0 MPa.

(cheap fused aluminium oxide suppliers malaysia)The flexural strength of the brown aluminum oxide 70 grit bonding agent reflects the ultimate stress that the abrasive does not break when subjected to bending stress. Abrasive tools are often subjected to bending stress during grinding, but because the abrasive tool has a high flexural strength (2 to 3 times the tensile strength), and for a 80m / s wheel, coefficient of thermal expansion, it is generally not damaged by the aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh flexural strength.

In addition, mechanical damage during processing, handling and use may also cause micro-cracks. The white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit raw materials are all conducive to the discharge of air bubbles. Due to the anisotropy of crystals, micro-cracks occur due to different thermal expansion coefficients between crystals or between black aluminium oxide crystals and glass bodies. When the thin-plate grinding wheel is cut into the mill, it may be damaged due to the bending stress.

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