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Cheap Fused Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Southeast Asia

The main brown fused alumina raw materials of tyres are natural and synthetic rubber (mainly composed of hydrocarbon polymer) and other compounds and materials such as carbon black, metal oxide and steel. Although the major countries in the world actively encourage the recycling of silicon carbide abrasive waste tires in different ways, due to the cost of recycling, about 13% of the waste tires still enter the landfill directly.

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At the same time, pyrolysis and gasification are widely used in the recycling of brown aluminum oxide waste tires in the world to recycle energy and valuable materials. From the perspective of circular economy, the maximization of material cost-effectiveness and sustainable development have not been realized. The 7th EU research and development framework (FP7) environment theme provides 3.4 million euros of black silicon carbide funding, with a total R & D investment of 4.3 million euros.

(cheap fused aluminum oxide Manufacturers southeast asia)The European tygre R & D team is composed of 6 EU member white corundum countries and associated countries Italy (general coordination), France, Germany, Denmark, Hungary and Turkey, 9 research institutions and innovative SMEs. Since 2009, we have been committed to the research and development of high added value applications of waste tires, and aluminum oxide grit have successfully developed high-purity silicon carbide materials (SIC) with a wide range of applications.

The R & D team has been successful in extracting the brown fused aluminum oxide volatile gas, syngas, which is mainly composed of hydrogen, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, in the process of burning waste tires. The synthesis gas is gasified to produce solid carbon rod, and then silicon carbide is produced by the chemical reaction of carbon and arc fused alumina at high temperature. Silicon carbide is the basic material of ceramic and electronic industry.(cheap fused aluminum oxide Manufacturers southeast asia)

Then, based on the successful realization of the pink alumina waste tire treatment and production process, the R & D team designed and developed a prototype of a small experimental factory that processes 20 kg of waste tires per hour, and carried out various index parameter tests and structural optimization. High quality green silicon carbide (tygresic) is produced by using self-developed high purity extraction technology, which has a wide range of industrial applications.

(cheap fused aluminum oxide Manufacturers southeast asia)The experimental plant model has passed the technical and white fused aluminium oxide economic feasibility assessment, life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle economic and social benefit assessment. The developed high-purity black fused alumina abrasive material has been successfully applied to the production of filter film for drinking water.

In 2012, the global corundum white market for silicon carbide materials rose to 2.5 million tons, with prices ranging from a few euros / ton to tens of thousands of euros / ton, mainly applied in three industries: metallurgy industry (60%), corrosion resistance and ceramics industry (28%) and electronic products (12%). The brown corundum materials developed by the research and development team of tygre fully meet the standard of high quality and high added value.(cheap fused aluminum oxide Manufacturers southeast asia)

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