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This is because the box-type aluminum electrolytic capacitor enlarges the surface area of the anode box by means of electrochemical corrosion(white alumina grit), that is, so that the specific capacitance can be increased. Forging has strong corrosive properties, especially hydrochloric acid and its salts(garnet mesh 30 60). It is corroded, and the impurity becomes the cathode, then spreads, where H escapes from the interface.

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There are various methods for enlarging the surface area of the aluminum box for corrosion(white fused alumina micro powder), such as chemical corrosion, direct current corrosion, alternating current and direct current corrosion, alternating current corrosion, and replacement reaction methods. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the starting points of corrosion are randomly scattered throughout the aluminum surface(sandblasting grit). Aluminum will be introduced.

(cheap garnet 120 mesh manufacturers colombia)It can corrode the oxide defects on the surface of aluminum and form the starting point of corrosion(aluminium oxide for blasting). In terms of its corrosion mechanism, it mainly includes soluble corrosion and local micro The battery is corroded. Due to the amphoteric nature of aluminum, it can be corroded in acid or lye, but in lye, the corrosion form is mainly flat corrosion, and the aluminum box is not corroded by alkali(white corundum abrasive). Corrosion of the box.

When the aluminum fan is introduced into the solution(aluminium oxide suppliers), based on the above corrosion mechanism, a lot of corrosion micro-batteries will be formed at the sensitive points or areas where corrosion occurs, causing the aluminum metal in the anode area of the micro-battery to continuously dissolve and mix with the solution(gma garnet). The role of CI produces soluble aluminum trichloride (AIC), while hydrogen (H) escapes in the cathode region.(cheap garnet 120 mesh manufacturers colombia)

There are always more or less metal impurities in the aluminum box(white aluminum oxide sand), and sometimes some impurities are deliberately added to improve the corrosion form and performance of the corrosion box. It should be pointed out that in the corrosion process of the aluminum box, the aluminum in the anode area is continuously corroded during the corrosion process(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting), and hydrogen (H) is constantly escaping from the cathode area.

(cheap garnet 120 mesh manufacturers colombia)Therefore, this metal corrosion in which hydrogen ions are reduced on the cathode to precipitate H is also called hydrogen depolarization corrosion(aluminum oxide sandblast media). That is to say, the progress of the above reaction will decrease the corrosion rate as the acid concentration decreases and the product aluminum salt concentration increases, and eventually it is very slow(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). This method is not suitable for intensive large-scale production.

In the presence of an electrolyte solution, these impurities and aluminum metal form a corrosive micro-battery(black aluminium oxide grains). If the standard electrode potential of the impurity is more positive than the electrode potential of aluminum, the aluminum bordering the impurity becomes the anode of the corrosion micro-battery(aluminum oxide 24 grit). In this way, corrosion starts in a local area of the metal surface, and finally spreads to the entire surface.(cheap garnet 120 mesh manufacturers colombia)

Of course, the use of hydrochloric acid solution for chemical corrosion will have the problem of being difficult to clean after corrosion(abrasive blasting grit), because C- and other impurities in the fine corrosion pits are difficult to clean completely, which will affect the subsequent process and product performance(garnet supply). The biggest advantage of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is that the ratio capacitance is large, the capacitance per unit volume is large.

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