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Cheap Garnet 120 Mesh Wholesale Suppliers Portugal

Each wall carbon block of the electrolytic support is connected with the cathode carbon block to form a container containing electrolyte, and the outer part of the container is supported by a steel tank shell(black synthetic corundum). For the sake of 1000 V, the rectifier is not safe. Aluminum or steel is used as the guide rod(buy brown fused alumina). Generally, a series of electrolytic aluminum plants is composed of 150 or more electrolytic cells.

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Then the aim is to reduce the adverse effects of the isolated current magnetic field and reduce the heat loss(white fused alumina). Generally, the length of the electrolytic cell is 9-14m, the width is 3-5M, and the protection is 1-1.5m, but the depth of the cell surface is generally 0.4-0.5m. The so-called "stove" is the "stove"green silicon carbide(black fused alumina). At present, the current range of electrolytic sugar is 175-325ka, and the electrolyzers are arranged side to side.

(cheap garnet 120 mesh wholesale suppliers portugal)However, it is difficult to find a material that can completely resist the corrosion and erosion of high-temperature cryolite based electrolyte and aluminum liquid(pink corundum), so the electrolytic cell should have good heat dissipation function in the actual process, so as to make the electrolyte form a solid electrolyte layer on the side wall of the electrolytic device(pink fused alumina). The anode steel claw is connected with the anode steel claw.

For the modern premelting cell series with side-to-side arrangement, the high-voltage rectifier should be used in the electrolyzer series(white corundum). Finally, the cathode carbon block was damaged and the electrolyzer was shut down for overhaul. When the anode is consumed to about one fourth of the original height, the anode should be replaced within 22-30 days(fused aluminium oxide). Therefore, the economic loss of short tank life is very large.(cheap garnet 120 mesh wholesale suppliers portugal)

However, this protective layer can not be formed at the bottom of the electrolytic cell(black corundum), because the bottom of the cathode must be kept clean so that the aluminum liquid can contact with the cathode carbon block well. Although the molten aluminum protects the bottom of the cathode during the production operation(garnet abrasive), the carbon block at the sweet bottom still swells due to the penetration of electrolyte and sodium.

(cheap garnet 120 mesh wholesale suppliers portugal)The current is connected to the anode bus of the next electrolytic refining unit after coming out of the cathode bus of the electrolytic cell(white alumina). The anode steel claw is placed in the carbon bowl on the top of the anode and is poured with phosphorus pig iron or rammed with carbon paste to support the weight of the anode and conduct current to the anode(black silicon carbide). The pre cultured anode needs to be replaced regularly.

In some modern electrolytic cell series, the voltage is as high as 1500V(white aluminum oxide). In order to keep the series current constant, each electrolytic cell must have its own voltage regulating device to meet the special needs. For example, according to the service life of the cathode and the condition of the cell(100 grit aluminum oxide), the thermal balance should be maintained and the appropriate production and operation conditions should be maintained.(cheap garnet 120 mesh wholesale suppliers portugal)

The typical average life of most modern tank series is 1800 ~ 2800 days, and some may operate for more than 4000 days(brown fused aluminum oxide). But. Even if the same design and construction structure are used, the service life of the electrolyzer is also very different, which indicates that the production operation of the cell has a significant impact on the cathode life(aluminum oxide grit). The cost of a major overhaul of modern electrolysis usually exceeds $100000.

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