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For the purpose of improving the performance of corundum pinnacle ventilating bricks(arc fused alumina), thereby increasing its service life, sintered spinel, pure calcium aluminate cement, a-Al2O3 micropowder, etc. and the effects of the addition of chromium oxide and the introduction of different zirconium oxides on the performance of corundum-spinel ventilated bricks are studied(white aluminum oxide grit), and the following conclusions are drawn.

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The sample is sintered better and the strength is obviously increased(silicon carbide price). After heat treatment, the strength of the sample with calcium stabilized oxidation junction is higher, and the linear change rate is smaller. The Cr2O3 solid solution spines form a chromium-containing composite spinel solid solution, absorbs Fe2O3 in the slag, using tabular corundum(steel grid), which increases the character constant of the spines.(cheap garnet sand manufacturers indonesia)

The ability to absorb iron oxide in the slag is enhanced(green carborundum), and the addition of chromium oxide at the same time can increase the viscosity of the melt and inhibit the corrosion of steel slag to a certain extent. The fine spinel powder inside the matrix reacts with Al2O3 to form an incomplete replacement type solution, which causes the lattice constant of the spinel to change(fused alumina), and inhibits the penetration of Fe2O3.

(cheap garnet sand manufacturers indonesia)After heat treatment at 1600℃×4h(brown fused alumina price), as the main raw materials, through room temperature physical properties, resistance The thermal shock performance and slag resistance are analyzed, the mechanical properties of the sample are the best when the oxide grid is added at 1%. Sample A has the highest residual strength retention rate after thermal shock(black oxide aluminum), respectively, and its slag resistance is also very good.

For the samples with different forms of zirconium oxide, the strength is reduced due to the weakening of the gelation effect(white aluminium oxide). After the high temperature heat treatment at 1600℃, the sample with zirconite is introduced at the heat treatment temperature of 1600℃ due to the inside of the zirconite The content of SiO2 is due to the small volume density(glass bead blasting media suppliers), large porosity, low strength, and large linear change rate.

The strength shows an obvious downward trend, and the linear change rate increases(black aluminum oxide), which is related to the volume expansion of the oxidation junction phase transition: comprehensively considering various factors, when 1% monoclinic oxide is added to the sample(glass beads supplier). After heat treatment at 1600℃x4h, the flexural strength of sample G is 41Mpa, and the compressive strength of sample G is 144Mpa.(cheap garnet sand manufacturers indonesia)

In addition, at a heat treatment temperature of 1100℃(pink aluminum oxide), with the increase of calcium stabilized zirconium oxide addition, the volume density of the sample increases, but the porosity after high temperature treatment does not change significantly: after 1100℃x4h heat treatment, the sample The compressive strength and flexural strength of G1 are 96Mpa and 16Mpa(garnet abrasive), the performance can reach the best.

(cheap garnet sand manufacturers indonesia)With the increase in the amount of monoclinic zirconia added(silicon carbide companies), when the amount of calcium stabilized zirconia introduced is 1%, the linear change rate of the sample is smaller. After 1100℃x4h heat treatment, with the increase of chromium oxide addition, the volume density of the sample gradually increases(aluminium oxide abrasive grit), the porosity decreases, and the flexural strength and compressive strength gradually increase.

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