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Prepare the chute(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines): operate the exhaust volume change-over valve, uncover the aluminum outlet end cover plate, take out the thermal power supply and end cover plate(garnet supply), and protect the material at the aluminum outlet on the hydrogen near anode with iron paper to ensure that the aluminum outlet is connected with the middle seam(the electrolyte height reaches 25 ~ 30 cm). 

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So far, the electrolytic cell has completed the culture and burning and has the starting conditions(brown aluminum oxide 20 grit). Place the dissolving tank at the designated position with a small cart, place the workbench and put it in the correct position. The cathode surface temperature is also gradually melted from cold state to about 950 ℃(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines). The ice stone between the middle seam and anode seam has melted into electrolyte(the default interval is 120 seconds)(brown aluminum oxide grit). 

Do a good job in personnel, effect rods, safety facilities, tools and instruments (such as crown block, movable and fixed antimagnetic plate hands, half moon air duct, baby and hook(white fused alumina micro powder). Some factories adopt wet start-up without effect in pursuit of a more stable start-up process. This process is anode replacement. Or simply change the pole(black aluminium oxide grains). A hammer, anode positioning tool (caliper, level), pin xuan, wind pick, iron loss, etc(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines).

Tighten the fixtures and remove all soft connections(pink fused alumina factory), blow the crimping surface between the anode guide rod and the bus with a breeze, tighten the fixtures one by one manually from the aluminum outlet end in groups, and confirm that all the fixtures are tightened and the guide rod is close to the bus(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines). Push the bulk material on the pole into the middle frog with aluminum, and use iron to sew the side seam bell to the middle(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh).

After finishing the work, clean up the site and make records(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines). After filling the electrolyte, open all the tank covers of the start-up push and take out all thermocouples(aluminium oxide suppliers); Take out the baffle plate of anode middle seam one by one with aluminum rod. Building (producing anode effect), raising pole I to produce artificial rigid pole effect (voltage 20 ~ 35 V): add cryolite as needed during the effect(gma garnet). The preheated tools are preheated. 

For the treatment of abnormal wall burning(brown fused alumina mesh size F20), if it is found that the shunt blade is red after power on, the air duct shall be used to blow air, but the shunt blade shall not be blown. This may be one of the reasons why some grooves cannot be built for a long time, and the furnace cavity surface must often be tied with crown block, so it should be used carefully(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines). Cryolite between middle seam and anode seam has melted into electrolyte(brown aluminum oxide blast media).

The specific electrolyte hypervariance will be maintained at about 30cm within one week after activation, at about 27cm at the second week, at about 24cm from the third week to month, and at about 2lcm from the second month of activation(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting). The cell voltage drops to 48V within 8 hours after aluminum filling, 4.5V after 16 hours: it drops to 4.30v after 40 hours, and remains normal after 72 hours, i.e. 41 ~ 42V(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines).

One week after the first anode effect, keep the thickness of 18cm until normal production(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines). The practice is about 24(white alumina grit). The caf content in electrolyte is about 5% and the MF content is about%. 3 hours after aluminum pouring, add insulation material on the pole and edge. Others: After filling aluminum, take one sample and one electrolyte sample(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). After the first anodic effect, the carbon traces are completely carried. 

Manually extinguish the anode effect(aluminium oxide for blasting), and confirm that the artificial effect time (20 ~ 30 minutes) is sufficient, the edge is opened, and the electrolytic quality is sufficient(refractory grade black silicon carbide). Manually "shelling" and "blanking" for about 6 times, insert the effect rod from multiple points such as large surface and small head to extinguish the anode effect(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines): the voltage is maintained at 6 ~ 8V (8 ~ 10V for medium and small tanks)(fine grit aluminum oxide).

The electrolyte is filled in the same way as the wet effect start(white aluminum oxide sand), but then an artificial anode effect is generated, but the cell voltage of 6~8V (8~10V for medium and small-sized measures) is maintained until the "aluminum filling" stage is entered. After 24 hours of start-up, the molten aluminum was continued(silicon carbide abrasive grit). Iron hungry, broom, slag spoon, current distribution measuring tool, start burning log) and other preparations, and preheat the tools used(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines).

Fill the electrolyte and quickly fill the liquid electrolyte at one time (for example(white aluminum oxide 150 mesh), a 20kA chair is filled with 4 to 5 tons of electrolyte at a time, while a larger capacity electrolytic cell can be filled in several packages. The 320kA tank is divided into three packages, each package of 4 to 5 tons, a total of Pouring 12-14 tons)(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit); While pouring the electrolyte, move the anode according to the flow of the electrolyte(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines). 

When using this shunt method, each group of anodes is equipped with a shunt(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines). Each shunt is generally composed of 2 to 5 thin steel plates, and the length is selected according to the distance from the upper edge of the steel claw to the cathode forest(low density white alumina). The operations that need to be performed manually on the aluminum electrolysis vertebra include anode replacement, aluminum tapping, anode effect, and bus lifting(aluminum oxide sandblast media).

The calculation of the slow replacement cycle of the anode, please refer to the selection of the best anode structure and installation size for details(abrasive blasting grit). With the anode life cycle and the number of electrolytic plant anode installation groups, the order of anode replacement can be determined(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines). For the determination of anode replacement sequence, please refer to anode replacement schedule management for details(garnet mesh 30 60).

Within 40 hours after the Hong Kong Aluminum Corporation implements timing blanking, and implements "on-demand blanking" after 40 hours, that is, automatic alumina concentration control is implemented(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit).  The anode used in the pre-initial electrolyzer is formed in the anode factory according to the specified size, sintered, and the anode guide rod is assembled, and then sent to the electrolysis for use(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines).

Prepare raw materials(brown fused alumina for grinding), equipment and tools, prepare new anode block (group), electrolyte powder, each multi-function crane and other equipment, prepare operation records, slag box, anode tray, iron rice, and complete set of tools for pole change, and prepare the necessary tools(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines). After each anode has been used for a certain number of days, it is necessary to replace the residual electrode and install a new anode(brown fused alumina size sand).

All tools are placed within the safety line(cheap garnet sandblasting suppliers philippines). The complete set of tools for pole changing generally includes: two big knuckles, an aluminum handle, a filter rake, a multi-tooth handle, a right-angle shank, chalk, and a broom(white corundum abrasive). Remove the soft connection, and re-tighten the anode clamp after dismantling the soft connection, measure the full current distribution of the anode, and re-tighten the anode clamp after any abnormality is found(aluminium oxide 36 grit).

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