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In order to make the foam shape smooth and consistent, the wall thickness of the mold is 4~5mm(green carborundum). Set vent holes on the mold. A certain number of vent holes are set on the complex mold, and its function is to remove the gas in the cavity and the gas brought into the cavity when feeding(steel shot abrasive). The mold is not allowed to overheat or underheat a certain part (or section) of the foam pattern. The design and distribution of vent plugs.

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Stoma plug is also called vent(silicon carbide price). The total area of the vent hole is usually 1% to 2% of the total area of the cavity. The mold surface is not allowed to have defects such as slag inclusion, black spot, hole peeling, etc. Therefore, making the mold well can make the EPC process play its characteristics(fused alumina). Therefore, the distribution of the vent plug is: one every 10~25mm interval Stoma plugs (the stomata plugs are mm, l0mm, 12mm).(cheap garnet supply south africa)

The function of the vent plug is to evenly send the steam into the mold(pink corundum). When cooling, the water is sent to the top of the finished robe to make the cooling uniform. There are more stomata plugs on the thick wall and less stomata plugs on the thin wall.  When filling EPS beads, the air pressure used is about 0.17~0.20MPa(glass bead abrasive). The vent holes should deviate on both sides of the pattern to prevent them from passing through on the parting surface.

(cheap garnet supply south africa)If necessary, fine slits can be opened on the mold to facilitate gas discharge(black corundum). The thickness of the usual gap or vent groove is 0.25mm, and the gap of the vent hole should be as small as possible to prevent flashing or burrs on the foam pattern. , Eventually leading to defects in castings(glass beads manufacturers). Therefore, when designing a thick-walled mold, the mold should be thinner for thick-walled castings and thicker for thin-walled castings.

Bead storage(white alumina). In some European manufacturers, air pressure can be used to supplement the filling of the bead storage, which is called pressure feeding. The molding machine can also be equipped with a vacuum device for auxiliary feeding. When filling the mold, it will cause the density of the pattern to change(arc fused alumina). The surface roughness of castings cast by EPC process can reach 12.5um, which is close to precision castings.(cheap garnet supply south africa)

For example, the heat transfer characteristics of the pattern is also an important issue(brown fused alumina price). Improper thickness design of the mold will cause overheating or underheating of the beads, resulting in insufficient or overmelting of the beads and expansion after the foam pattern is taken out(black oxide aluminum). The mold is required to be able to be heated and cooled uniformly, and cast aluminum alloy 6061 is considered a high-quality manufacturing mold material.

(cheap garnet supply south africa)The design of the slit(silicon carbide companies). When designing the mold, the pressure in the internal cavity is generally 0.34MPa. For example, the density near the feeding gun is higher than other parts, sometimes about 20% higher; The thin-walled part far away from the feeding port (gun) has low density, and the place where steam arrives first may have low density(glass beads supplier). The uneven density of the pattern will affect the size and may cause gas defects in the casting.

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