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It is commonly used as adhesive for alcohol based coatings, and can also be used for water-based coatings(brown fused aluminum oxide). The additives in EPC coating mainly include surfactant, defoamer and preservative. Generally, it is better in acid medium (pH < 7) than in foundry production(80 grit aluminum oxide for cerakote). For the generally stable foam system, these 3 stages will take a long time. Therefore, defoamer should be added to the coating production.

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Surfactants are generally composed of a non-polar lipophilic group and a polar hydrophilic group(white alumina). These two groups are located at both ends of the molecule. When the surfactant is dissolved in water, on the other hand, the strong interaction between water molecules (dispersion force, hydrogen bond, etc(steel grid).) will produce a strong tendency to push the hydrophobic end of surfactant out of the aqueous phase.(cheap green silicon carbide factory canada)

On the one hand, water molecules form a new structure around the surfactant molecules(black corundum), the sulfur water groups of surfactant molecules attract each other and form micelles under certain conditions. HLB value is often used as the basis for selecting surfactants(garnet abrasive), which refers to the equilibrium value of hydrophilic and water winning in the molecular structure of emulsifiers, forming an asymmetric structure.

(cheap green silicon carbide factory canada)Most cationic surfactants are organic amines, and their hydrophilic groups are cations(pink corundum). When nonionic surfactants are dissolved in water to form an aqueous solution, they do not dissociate into ions, but exist in molecular state. Surfactant surfactant is a kind of substance which can reduce the surface tension and liquid / liquid interfacial tension of solvent (generally water) and has certain properties and structure.

Therefore, they are not affected by the pH value of the medium and the hard water of electrolyte(silicon carbide abrasive). They are widely used in casting coatings, such as JFC (polyoxyethylene ether compounds) and OP-10 (alkylphenol) in water-based coatings And ethylene oxide condensate. When ethyl silicate is used as binder, the coating is air dried and cured(garnet suppliers). However, alkyl quaternary salt can be used to prepare organobentonite.(cheap green silicon carbide factory canada)

In the production process of water-based coatings, the air entering the liquid medium can not leave quickly enough to form bubbles with the stirring process(black silicon carbide). The presence of surfactant such as emulsifier and wetting agent in water-based coatings promotes the formation of stable foam(brown fused aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). The bubble system is not in the state of the lowest free energy, so it itself is an unstable state, that is, the bubble itself is going to burst.

(cheap green silicon carbide factory canada)At the same time, it has high strength at high temperature(aluminum oxide abrasive). It can be used as resin sand mold and core coating to make casting surface smooth. Ethyl silicate can be used not only as high temperature binder in alcohol based coatings, but also in water-based coatings(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The rupture of foam passes through 3 stages, that is, the redistribution of bubbles, the thinning of membrane walls and the rupture of membranes.

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