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At the same time, the size of each device is saved(black aluminium oxide grains). Compared with the traditional AlS., the vertical layout size of the high-voltage equipment is greatly reduced, and the area occupied by the frog is reduced by 40% to 60%. Therefore, high-voltage switchgear is a very important power distribution equipment(100 grit aluminum oxide), and its safe and reliable operation is of great significance to the safe and effective operation of the power system.

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Quickly remove the pressure, release the pressure, reduce the application position to prevent the fuel from overflowing(pink aluminum oxide). Compared with the advantages of AIS.GIS and H-GlS, the switchgear completely solves the reliability problem of outdoor disconnecting switches. At the same time, the oil in the oil tank is cut off by the flow control net installed at its lower part to prevent the phenomenon of "sputum on fire"(black fused alumina). The oil drain valve is opened and delayed for a period of time.

(cheap green silicon carbide factory ecuador)Reduce the amount of support and copper required for the substation(black aluminum oxide). In addition, because the foundation is small, the amount of works is small, and the amount of concrete is small, it not only reduces the foundation work and expenses. Due to the combination of components, the wiring distance of the equipment is shortened(gma garnet). AIS is characterized by optimizing extreme capital costs and GLS is characterized by minimal space requirements.

While ensuring the safety of electrical equipment(white corundum), the choice of fire-fighting facilities is also an issue that has to be considered, in addition to setting up fire extinguishers and sand-clearing basins in accordance with regulations. In order to ensure the high safety and high reliability of the electrolytic series power supply(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting), the busbar structure of the switch junction generally adopts a double busbar or a double busbar with a side-by-side structure.

(cheap green silicon carbide factory ecuador)As a result of the use of prefabricated integral assembly and debugging(white aluminium oxide), nuclear block integral transportation and on-site construction and installation methods. Since the switch station of the electrolytic aluminum plant is the "link" between the reactor-based power plant and the remaining electrolytic workshop(pink fused alumina), once a problem occurs, it will bring immeasurable losses to the normal production of the two enterprises.

 At present, the two switchgears used by electrolysis machine factories are AIS and GlS(white fused alumina). There are also various forms such as concentrated fire extinguishing with heating. In areas with abundant water resources, it is necessary to be equipped with leaching facilities(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh), and what is to be detailed is a simple structure nitrogen-filled fire extinguishing device installed on a large transformer that is equipped with a large water shortage area.(cheap green silicon carbide factory ecuador)

At present, the control device drives the ammonia filling to turn on(brown fused aluminum oxide). The working principle of the filling and extinguishing device is that when the control device simultaneously receives the dual alarm signals of the national fire control device and the heavy zone breaker(black synthetic corundum), the control device will open the amplitude-actuated oil drain valve to make the upper layer of the transformer body high temperature and flammable.

(cheap green silicon carbide factory ecuador)The nitrogen in the nitrogen bottle is injected into the transformer body after being decompressed by the reducing device(white aluminum oxide), and the oil in the transformer body is toggled and countermeasured, and the lower temperature oil at the bottom of the transformer and the upper layer have a higher temperature The progress is very good(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The change of the operation mode is very hateful, which is convenient for maintenance work at any time.

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