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Cheap Green Silicon Carbide Powder South Korea

In recent years, due to the development of continuous casting(white alumina), external furnace refining and smelting of special steels, high temperature blowing or high temperature tapping is required, and the temperature has been further increased, leaving the high temperature melting loss of the furnace lining(silicon carbide abrasive grit). In the early stage of smelting, the slag contains high iron oxide and silicon dioxide, and the temperature rises quickly.

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The effect of rapid cold and rapid heat. Mechanical action. The lining of the lining is subjected to rapid heating(black corundum). The working environment and damage of various parts of the lining are also different at different stages of smelting. During the blowing process, a fierce chemical reaction occurs in the converter, and the slag will penetrate the lining bricks, causing them to melt and break(brown aluminum oxide factory). Converter steelmaking is carried out periodically.

The molten steel and slag in the furnace are constantly moving, and the stirring is fierce, and the furnace lining is constantly washed(pink corundum); when the scrap steel and molten iron are loaded, the furnace village will be greatly impacted; when the furnace deposits are removed, impacts will also occur(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). The consumption of refractory materials for steelmaking is very large and directly affects the life of the steelmaking furnace and the cost of smelting.

After the completion of each furnace, the temperature of the furnace is very high(silicon carbide abrasive). During the interval between the upper and lower furnaces, the surface temperature of the furnace lining drops sharply, and the temperature rises rapidly when the next smelt is smelted. It is the upper lining that has the most impact(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). Chemical attack. The chemical erosion of the lining mainly comes from slag, furnace gas and molten steel.

The roles of the above parties in relation to the working level of the furnace village are interrelated(brown fused alumina). For example, mechanical scouring removes the low-melting-point substances produced by the slag infiltration on the surface of the lining, the refractory is unprotected, which accelerates the chemical attack of the slag on the lining(black silicon carbide manufacturers). The formation of low-melting-point substances provides easy-to-remove substances for mechanical scouring.

In the case of a water cooling device at the furnace mouth, the damage at the furnace mouth and the furnace cap is greatly reduced, but the erosion of the tap hole is still serious(brown aluminum oxide). At present, due to the different effects of various parts of the furnace body, the erosion speed of the furnace lining of each part is also different. There is less slag hanging in the trunnion area, and the carbon-containing lining is susceptible to oxidation(black silicon carbide).

Therefore, the furnace belly is the weak link of the converter(brown aluminium oxide). Another example is the action of high temperature, which not only accelerates the chemical erosion, but also weakens the ability of the furnace lining to withstand external forces under high temperature conditions(120 grit aluminum oxide). The sudden temperature change in the furnace will cause cracks in the furnace lining, which will increase the erosion and flaking of the lining bricks.

Among them, the loading side, the slag line area and the trunnion area have the most serious erosion(brown fused alumina price); the loading side is not only attacked and washed by molten steel and slag, but also directly impacted and eroded by scrap steel and molten iron; the slag line area is mainly slag corrosion Mainly, it is relatively light on the tapping side and heavier on the slag discharge side(100 grit aluminum oxide). It will be heavier than other causes Effects of mechanical stress.

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