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This type of carbon that combines refractories and graphite particles is called bonded carbon to distinguish it from graphite carbon, which is the main component of the material(brown fused alumina price). Combining the structure and properties of carbon with graphite carbon, the ideal carbon-bonded refractory material should be bonded carbon to form a layer of bonded carbon around the particles(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). This film forms a spatial carbon network to combine the particles.

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Binders play a very important role in carbon composite refractories(white alumina). The better the wetting resistance of the binder to the refractory material and graphite, the better the continuity of the combined carbon frame, the more the framework branches in the refractory material and the graphite matrix, the stronger the refractory strength, in order to obtain a reasonable microscopic(240 grit aluminum oxide). The structure should meet certain requirements for the particle size of refractory and graphite. 

Graphite and ceramic fine powder are located in Between coarse particles(black corundum). This point is not different from general refractory production. As a result, the carbon composite refractories have good slag resistance and thermal shock resistance. As far as mixing molding is concerned(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight), people hope that the bonding agent will have good wettability on refractory aggregates and stacks, and a suitable viscosity to improve the mixing quality of the blank and the bulk density of the bricks.

However, because graphite has a flaky structure and has a strong orientation, it will be oriented in the vertical pressing direction during the molding process, and even cause spalling(pink corundum). This is a problem during the molding process. Attention should be paid. As mentioned above, because graphite has good thermal conductivity and toughness, it is not easy to be infiltrated by the slag, so it can prevent the slag from permeating along the pores in the brick(silicon carbide abrasive).

However, carbon itself has the weakness of being easily oxidized and easily reacts with oxygen in the air and oxides in the components to lose its advantages(white fused alumina). Therefore, in order to improve its oxidation resistance, various additives such as Al, Si, Mg, alloys, and carbides are often added to make carbon composite refractories into a multi-component complex system(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Carbon that usually becomes easily graphitizable is called easily graphitizable carbon.

The production of carbon composite refractory materials can use a variety of different carbon raw materials(white aluminum oxide), such as flake graphite, fabricated graphite, earthy rattan, metallurgical coke, pitch coke, carbon ink, etc., but only a large number of flake graphite is used. The structure and properties of graphite have been described previously(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). It has a great impact on the kneading, forming properties of the blank, and the microstructure of the product.

In addition, good wettability also enables the binders to be evenly distributed on the surface of the particles and graphite(white corundum), forming a continuous network as much as possible, and forming a continuous bonded carbon skeleton after carbonization, which is beneficial to improve the strength and corrosion resistance of the product(black silicon carbide). The type of binding agent and carbonization conditions have a great influence on the microstructure and properties of the bonded carbon.

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