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The standard is a unified regulation of repetitive things and concepts(pink corundum). It is based on the comprehensive results of scientific, technical and practical experience, and is negotiated by relevant parties. At present, there are provincial (municipal), self lifting district standards, professional Bureau (Department) standards, special district standards(pink fused alumina), enterprise and public institutions standards, etc.

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Standardization usually refers to the standardization of products (or Engineering)(white aluminum oxide sand), which is the unified technical requirements (generalized standardization, including product quality standardization, variety specification serialization, and other parts generalization) for product (or Engineering) quality, specification, inspection methods, etc(black fused alumina). The standards issued by the central departments are approved by the central departments.

(cheap green silicon carbide suppliers malaysia)The so-called serialization is based on a certain number system, and the size(black silicon carbide), specification or performance parameters of the same kind of products are arranged according to certain rules. If the density of white mold is less than 0.02g/cm, the pouring temperature is increased by 20-50 ℃(steel grid); the density of white mold is less than 0.03g/cm, county (city) standards, and the pouring temperature is increased by 40-80 ℃.

The standards of Ministry of metallurgy and industry are coded as "Yb" (Yejin, gonyebu, Bu, Biaozhun)(brown fused alumina price). The most sensitive casting temperature is cast iron, especially for some complicated, high-demand and thin-walled iron castings (especially ductile iron). The steel bars used in construction projects have many specification(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media)s, which will reduce the paper production due to the rolling mill changing more rolls.(cheap green silicon carbide suppliers malaysia)

The purpose is to meet the needs of all aspects with the minimum variety (model), so as to improve the production rate and reduce the product cost(glass bead blasting media suppliers). These 16 specifications, which meet the needs of civil engineering, are also barrel specifications, which are conducive to organizing production and realizing certain economic benefits(black synthetic corundum). The size of the steel is reduced, which is wasted. It is code "GB" (gud, Jia, Biao, Zhun).

(cheap green silicon carbide suppliers malaysia)Therefore, according to the engineering needs(white alumina), based on the investigation and research, the priority series R20 is selected, and 17 kinds of reinforcement diameter are selected according to the calculated diameter of reinforcement, namely 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32, 36, 40mm(garnet suppliers). Standard refers to the technical standard which has great significance for the national economy and technology development.

All products that have not issued national standards and ministry standards shall be subject to the revision of enterprise standards(aluminum oxide grit). Professional standard refers to the product standards and other technical regulations not included in the national standards temporarily, or only applicable to the technical provisions within the scope of the discipline(aluminum oxide sandblast media), or only applicable to the technical standards within the scope of the discipline.(cheap green silicon carbide suppliers malaysia)

The enterprise standards of metallurgical industry mainly include raw materials, fuel, semi-finished products and spare parts(black corundum), but there are also enterprise standards that have been revised because there are no national standards and capital standards for the time being(garnet abrasive). The State shall, depending on its nature and scope of involvement, be approved by the State Council or the leading organ in charge of national standards.

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