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Cheap High Purity Alumina Wholesale Price Switzerland

After removing the anti-corrosion layer for the second time(arc fused alumina), put it in the corrosive liquid for the second corrosion, the corrosion depth: 1.5mm. According to the reference etching speed given by the known conditions, the corrosion depth can reach about 0.27mm after about 9min. will mainly introduce these corrosion processes in detail in the following chapters(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). After the parts are cleaned, they are coated with anti-corrosion materials. 

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Regarding this method, as opposed to another selective etching method, the entire part can be placed in the corrosion tank for corrosion after 9 minutes of pre-etching the groove(white fused alumina). In the two examples described above, the desired pattern is corroded. When etching and adding C, you can choose to place the groove part in the etching bath for etching(fused alumina), while other parts are protected, namely the coordination of corrosion depth and undercut amount.

(cheap high purity alumina wholesale price switzerland)is to transfer the required graphics and text to the surface of the part by silk screen, photography or other methods on the surface of the corroded part, so that the graphics and text are protected, and the metal is corroded as a whole(white aluminum oxide). The various depths etched by this method can be separated by wood etched bosses, or adjacent to each other to form a trapezoidal surface(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). The following is an example to illustrate this process.

Multi-step corrosion is actually another application method of selective corrosion in actual production(white corundum). It is a corrosion processing method that uses selective corrosion to corrode various depths on parts, also known as step cutting corrosion processing. In multi-step corrosion processing, the part with a corrosion depth of 3mm(black oxide aluminum), there are two key dimensions of coordination. Because of this depth value It is not very important and does not need to be tested.(cheap high purity alumina wholesale price switzerland)

The processing procedure is(silicon carbide price): the first exposed part of the corrosion, that is, the deepest part of the final corrosion, for the deep corrosion, special attention should be paid to the accurate calculation of the amount of side corrosion and the cumulative tolerance of multiple steps(fused aluminium oxide). After they are completely dried, that is, remove the anti-corrosion layer at the required part of 4.5mm depth as the window for the first corrosion processing.

(cheap high purity alumina wholesale price switzerland)After removing this part of the anti-corrosion layer, the parts are put into the corrosive solution for the first corrosion, the corrosion depth: 1.5mm(green carborundum). After the first corrosion, the parts are removed from the corrosive liquid, cleaned and dried, and then checked whether the corrosion depth is within the design requirements(glass beads supplier). If it meets the requirements, remove the anti-corrosion layer of the part that needs to be corroded the second time.

The parts after the second corrosion are taken out of the corrosive solution(silicon carbide companies), cleaned and dried, and the second corrosion depth is checked again at the same time, and then the anti-corrosion layer of the parts that need to be corroded for the second time is removed, which is 1.5 The area required by the mm corrosion depth is used as the corrosion window added by the third corrosion(150 grit aluminum oxide), as the corrosion processing window for the second corrosion.(cheap high purity alumina wholesale price switzerland)

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