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Cheap High Purity Fused Aluminum Oxide Taiwan

From the above analysis, it can be seen that directly smelting aluminum oxide abrasive media with high alumina bauxite. In theory, as long as enough carbon is added and the temperature is controlled at 1800 ~ 1900 ° C, it is possible to remove alumina from Al2O3 and CaO. CaO and MgO are difficult to reduce during the white alumina powder smelting process, and most of CaO and MgO in the raw materials still exist in the product.

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The quality requirements of high alumina bauxite include chemical composition, dehydration degree, steel grid particle size, etc., because these factors will affect the brown corundum smelting technical indicators and product quality to varying degrees. High alumina bauxite is the raw material to provide Al2O3, which is the main component of 60 grit aluminum oxide. The higher the Al2O3 content, the better the various technical indexes of smelting corundum.

With the increase of Al2O3 content, the unit power consumption decreases. Therefore, the smelting of white fused alumina requires the use of high-quality bauxite as much as possible. From the product point of view, the removal of Al2O3 from high alumina bauxite is the main factor for 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media coloration. A useful component of the carbon material used as a reducing agent is fixed carbon. 

Oxides other than tritium should be considered as impurities. Although most of SiO2 is reduced and removed in the white aluminum oxide smelting process to produce ferrosilicon alloys, a small amount of SiO2 remains in the product. Fe2O3 is reduced and removed during the smelting process to produce ferrosilicon alloys, but there is still a small amount of iron oxide and 150 grit aluminum oxide generated spinel remaining in the product. 

Although Na2O and K20 can volatilize a part at high temperature during smelting, they cannot be reduced and remain in white corundum, which has a great impact on quality. The calcination and dehydration of high-alumina bauxite not only improves the grade and saves energy, the greater advantage is that the clinker can stabilize the furnace condition and improve the 220 grit aluminum oxide production efficiency, thereby obtaining better technical and economic indicators.

Any smelting corundum can use any kind of carbon material as a reducing agent, garnet suppliers as long as it has a sufficiently high reaction capacity, its ash contains less impurities and contains higher Al2O3. It also depends on the most economical and rational principles. Naturally, the higher the content, the better. Too much volatile matter and moisture, during the 80 grit aluminum oxide smelting process, a certain amount of gas will be generated, affecting the stability of the furnace condition.

The particle size of carbon materials has a certain corresponding relationship with the capacity of electric furnaces. In principle, the capacity of electric furnaces is large, glass bead blasting media suppliers and the particle size of carbon materials is also large. It is possible to use 5-10 mm particle size carbon materials on 2500kV · A electric furnace. Iron filings are also called thinners. Other oxides are reduced to metal and separated out, fine grit aluminum oxide and keep Al2O3 stable.

Due to the low iron oxide content in China's high-alumina bauxite, a certain amount of iron filings are often added to the smelting alumina abrasive mixture in proportion. Corundum smelting often uses cast iron chips. The quality requirements for iron filings are chemical composition and particle size. TiO2 was partially reduced into the ferrosilicon alloy during the smelting process, and a considerable part remained in the 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media.

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