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Cheap High Quality Chrome Corundum Suppliers USA

Chrome corundum (PA) is one of the derivative varieties of white corundum, which is rose red. Because there is a small amount of CR2 in the crystal, it has better toughness than white corundum, and is suitable for processing materials with high toughness. The crystal of cubic silicon carbide (SC) is yellow green, with high strength and sharp edges and corners. It is mainly used in the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media processing of high hardness and precision parts.

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Boron carbide (BC) is melted from the mixture of artificial corundum industrial boric acid (B2%) and low ash carbon raw material (petroleum coke). Its hardness is next to that of diamond. After grinding, almost all of the abrasive particles have sharp cutting edges. Its cutting ability is similar to that of diamond. It is often used as an brown fused alumina alternative abrasive for natural diamond, mainly used to process hard alloy, hardened steel, optical glass and gemstone.

(cheap high quality chrome corundum suppliers usa)Brown corundum (a) is made of bauxite and anthracite by high temperature smelting in electric arc furnace. Its main chemical composition is A1203. It has high toughness and low price. It can be used to process ordinary steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze and other materials.

White corundum (WA) is made of aluminum powder in an electric arc furnace. The content of A1203 is generally higher than 98%. Compared with brown aluminum oxide, WA has lower toughness and better cutting performance. It is suitable for the finishing of alloy steel, quenched steel parts and cutters.(cheap high quality chrome corundum suppliers usa)

Black silicon carbide (c) is made of silica sand and petroleum coke by high temperature smelting in resistance furnace. It is black crystal with high microhardness, brittleness and sharpness, and has certain conductivity and thermal conductivity. The method of making green silicon carbide (GC) is the same as that of black silicon carbide, but the material used is pure, the crystal is bright green, hard, brittle and sharp, suitable for the processing of hard alloy and various high hardness materials.

(cheap high quality chrome corundum suppliers usa)Synthetic diamond (Jr) is a kind of high hardness material, brown fused aluminum oxide which is transformed from graphite under the action of catalyst under high temperature and high pressure. Its density is 3.3-3.5g/cm, Mohs hardness is 10, microhardness is 106-110gpa. Its hardness is basically similar to that of natural diamond, but it is slightly brittle, slightly lower in strength, with rough surface and sharp edges, but its self sharpening property is better than that of black synthetic corundum.

Artificial diamond is one of the hardest white aluminium oxide artificial abrasives. It is widely used to replace natural diamond to grind hard alloy, optical glass and other high hardness workpieces. black corundum, iron oxide, magnesium oxide, oxidation bowl, etc. It is suitable for processing of cast iron, copper, marble, granite and glass.(cheap high quality chrome corundum suppliers usa)

These Abrasives have the lowest hardness, soft and fine abrasive particles, which are only used for the finishing and polishing of workpiece surface. Chromium oxide is especially suitable for the fine grinding and polishing of hardened steel parts. Iron oxide, magnesium oxide and oxide bowl are mostly used for fused aluminum oxide polishing hard and brittle materials such as optical glass and crystal. The color of single crystal corundum (SA) varies with the impurities, generally in light yellow or white.

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