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Cheap Low Density White Alumina Suppliers In China

Polysulfide drilling fluid combines the advantages of sulfonation and brown fused alumina price polymer drilling fluid. Greatly promoted the development of oil. According to the needs of pellet production, an 1830x7000 ball mill can produce qualified brown corundum sand 42000 ~ 84000t per year. The black silicon carbide suppliers working system is continuous working system. Use four shifts and two runs. Work 350 days a year. That is, the operating rate is 96%. 

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After milling by a ball mill. Obtain qualified black corundum that meets the needs of pellet production. From receiving storage until the finished brown corundum sand is shipped out. Including brown corundum sand receiving and storage, bucket elevator man bin, ball mill grinding, bag dust collection, finished brown corundum sand transportation. Acceptance and Storage of black silicon carbide factory Sand Brown corundum sand is transported by car to the receiving hopper.(cheap low density white alumina suppliers in china)

Simultaneously. Or transport to the stockyard first. By forklift to the receiving hopper. The white fused alumina receiving hopper is connected with the bucket elevator. Raise the brown corundum sand to the brown corundum sand raw material bin. The brown corundum sand raw material bin and the ball mill are connected through a slide pipe or through a flange. Feed the raw aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh materials into the ball mill from the ball mill feed port. Milled. Consider environmental requirements.

(cheap low density white alumina suppliers in china)Find out the best process configuration. Qualified pink corundum after ball mill. Enter the outbound conveyor belt through the chute at the discharge end and transport it to the bin of the batching room. Or directly participate in the ingredients. Plus bias. Configure one receiving hopper. Consider equipment overhaul and other factors. The black aluminium oxide workshop is equipped with a 50t electric single-beam suspension crane, and is equipped with an inspection platform.

Through analysis and selection. By analyzing and researching the characteristics of white aluminum oxide sand used in pellet engineering, the three equipments of roller, vertical mill and ball mill are investigated and tested. It is considered that the ball mill as the main equipment of fine grinding is better than the other two in energy consumption, system flow and investment. This kind of pink alumina equipment has more advantages. More appropriate and reasonable.(cheap low density white alumina suppliers in china)

A bag dust collection device is provided at the discharge end of the mill. Pure river sand or sea sand is often used as the main material of white aluminum oxide 120 grit. According to the principle of solid-phase reaction, the finer the particle size of the reactants, the faster the reaction. Silicon carbide production practice also proves that, when black fused alumina conditions permit, selecting finer-grained silica raw materials is one of the promising ways to increase furnace output and reduce unit power consumption.

(cheap low density white alumina suppliers in china)However, too fine crushing will also brown fused alumina grit bring many disadvantages, such as poor air permeability of the charge, low bulk density and so on. Finally, a reasonable and feasible brown corundum sand processing technology flow was determined when the chrome corundum treatment capacity was 5 ~ 101 / h. 1 bucket elevator. Mine (effective volume storage time: 12h), 1 ball mill, 1 bag dust collector, 1 external transport belt (or 1 bucket elevator).

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