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Cheap Low Sodium White Fused Alumina Belgium

This part of the slurry, known as "osmotic slurry", is the solid foundation for the formation of the slurry membrane(white corundum). Only when the permeate slurry and the covering slurry are combined organically and firmly can the slurry film be bonded firmly(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Of course, there is no obvious boundary between permeate slurry and cover slurry, steam and time; so permeate and cover slurry can only be a rough concept.

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Therefore, the penetration of slurry must be controlled properly(brown fused aluminum oxide). Proper permeability is required, that is to say, the greater the permeability is, the better the permeability is. Therefore, good film-forming ability and appropriate permeability are indispensable conditions. In order to make the matrix soft, it is necessary for the slurry to have a moderate moisture absorption(220 grit aluminum oxide). This kind of performance is necessary for the manufacture of water-resistant abrasives.

The permeability decreases too much, and the brittleness increases(black aluminum oxide). However, if the permeability is too small, the size film will not bond firmly. There are many ways to classify the size, but generally according to the type of binder which is the main component of the size, it can be divided into three categories: natural size, semi synthetic size and synthetic size(80 grit aluminum oxide). Carboxymethylcellulose and sodium alginate are widely used in China.

This can be achieved by selecting different sizes, changing the size formula and viscosity, and controlling the sizing conditions, such as temperature, speed and pressure(pink aluminum oxide). The coated abrasives are soft and foldable. In order to ensure their foldability, the treated matrix material should have certain softness(silicon carbide companies). Therefore, the slurry should have certain elasticity and flexibility after forming a slurry film on the surface of the matrix.

However, the coated abrasive is a kind of abrasive(silicon carbide price). In order to make it bear a certain tensile force during grinding, without or less deformation, the treated matrix material should have a certain rigidity, so the slurry film should have a certain strength and hardness(fine grit aluminum oxide). However, if the moisture absorption is too large or very sensitive to the change of humidity, the strength of the size film will be reduced, the surface will be sticky and easy to mildew.

However, the binder with good water resistance is often very brittle, which should be noted(white fused alumina). Considering the economic effect, it is no doubt that we should choose the size with low price, wide source and good performance. But often things are not so simple, some low price, but the performance is not so good; some good performance, but the price is very high(180 grit aluminum oxide). How to consider its economy can be started from the following four aspects.

The slurry covering the surface of the substrate is called "covering slurry"(white aluminum oxide). Low price; high price, but good performance, which can improve sizing effect and reduce dosage. The size is simple to prepare, which can save labor, the product quality can be significantly improved, and its income can compensate for the increased cost due to the use of high price size(green carborundum). It has low toxicity, good antisepsis and mildew resistance, and antistatic property.

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