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Cheap Pink Alumina Suppliers In USA

When it comes to cokestone, anyone who comes into contact with this product or this corundum abrasive industry knows that cokestone has the characteristics of stable properties, good heat resistance and strong sinterability, so it can be used to produce advanced refractory materials, such as ceramics and other aluminum oxide abrasive media processes.

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Now that it is here, let Xiaoshi Xiaobian introduce the production process of high-strength elutritable castables. Before we talk about the brown fused alumina production process, we must prepare the materials first: the production of high-strength elutriable castable requires ceramsite, cokestone aggregate, 625 # high-aluminum cement, silicon carbide price dispersant, efficient composite early strength agent, water, and The ratio of cokestone aggregate is preferably 4 to 6.(cheap pink alumina suppliers in usa)

Then, the critical particle size of the product is tested. And the aggregate of cokestone can be used to produce high-strength elutriable castables. The brown aluminum oxide production steps are as follows: When we use cokestone aggregate, we must choose to use coarse granules of 10 to 5 mm, ceramsites of 7-1.2 mm or less than 1.2 mm, green carborundum dispersing agents, and efficient composite early strength agents. Put them together and mix well. Add 15% to 20% water.

(cheap pink alumina suppliers in usa)The material is glued into a block and shaken, and a test block of 4 cm in length, 4 cm in height and 16 cm in height is made, and brown aluminium oxide dried in an environment of 110 degrees Celsius for 24 hours, and then dried in an environment of 1000 degrees Celsius for 3 hours. Calcined. If the critical particle size of the castable is 5 to 10 mm, it is a superior product, and the silicon carbide companies critical particle size of the castable is 3 to 5 mm.

When cokestone accounts for 10% to 15% of the high-strength ceramsite castable, a certain volume density of the brown fused alumina price castable can be ensured. The ingredients are ready. The ingredients should be transported to the site. The coarse-grained aggregate, two-thirds of the additives, aluminum oxide abrasive fine powder, and one-third of the additives should be placed in the mixer, and mixed with a special mixer for about two minutes. It's ready to go.(cheap pink alumina suppliers in usa)

In this way, a high-strength ceramsite castable with good abrasion resistance, white alumina good thermal insulation, small bulk density, and good workability is made. Therefore, the quality of cokestone aggregate is strictly monitored and inspected by many manufacturers. When the quality is achieved, the finished aluminum oxide grit product will be very good, and the market share and customer volume will increase accordingly.

(cheap pink alumina suppliers in usa)When all these steps are completed, leave it under natural black corundum conditions for 7 days and dry it. Henan Ruishi Investment Group Co., Ltd. adopts the most advanced production equipment and technology, following the principles of environmental protection and benefiting future generations, to make alumina abrasive products stronger and bigger, and look forward to cooperating with various businesses to create a beautiful home.

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