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The working face of the screen machine is screen. There are many types of fused aluminum oxide screens, including lattice screen, plate screen and woven screen. Copper wire woven screen is often used in abrasive production, and its specification, model and main technical parameters are shown in the table.

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When selecting metal screen, attention shall be paid to whether its main technical conditions meet the brown fused alumina requirements: use hot treated metal wire to make screen, and 80 brass, 0.09mm and finer shall be used for the wire diameter of more than 0.055mm Of them are made of phosphor bronze. II. There shall be no cracks, peeling and oxide skin on the wire surface, but oxidation color is allowed. There shall be no mechanical damage, suture and rust mark on the corundum white mesh surface.(cheap pink aluminium oxide suppliers usa)

The black corundum width of mesh is LM. For the wire mesh above 2500, the width is allowed to be 0.8m, and the allowable deviation of mesh width is ± 1.5mm. The length of the screen is 6 × 13 × 130 × not less than lm13 × and the fine is not less than 0.6m. For the wire diameter of 0.09mm and finer, twill weaving is allowed Strictly measure the longitudinal and latitudinal side length of the mesh, and obtain the arithmetic mean value from the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit results of each measurement.

(cheap pink aluminium oxide suppliers usa)As far as the motion property is concerned, all kinds of brown aluminum oxide screen machines are vibrating machines. According to the structural characteristics, action principle and use of screen machines, they can be divided into ear types. The vibrating screen mainly consists of screen frame, screen, exciter, davit device or supporting device, motor, etc. the motor passes through the triangular skin The belt drives the exciter to make the screen vibrate, black alumina which has screening effect on the material and adjusts the eccentric weight of the exciter.

Variable amplitude. The green carborundum driving shaft and the driven shaft of the exciter of the linear vibrating screen are provided with a weight with the same eccentricity or a long shaft part with the same eccentricity in the middle of them. When the exciter works, they rotate relatively. Because the phase angle of the two eccentricity weights is the same, the black aluminum oxide blast media resultant force of the inertial force always has only one direction, thus driving the screen frame to vibrate in a straight line.(cheap pink aluminium oxide suppliers usa)

It can also be used for brown fused aluminum oxide material dehydration, desliming and medium removal Model meaning: use "s" to represent "screen" type; represent screening unit, use B to represent eccentric semi vibrating screen, use Z to represent vibrating screen, omit the code of inertial vibrating screen because it represents its type, so if double screen should be added with 2 under the code, single screen should be omitted; if double screen should be added with "s" before the code, and if single screen is omitted, fine particle size suitable for emery abrasive dry material should be omitted Screening.

(cheap pink aluminium oxide suppliers usa)Resonance screen is a kind of screening machine working in resonance state. Compared with other silicon carbide companies screening machines, it has the advantages of higher screening efficiency and screening capacity, less power consumption, light weight, and less dynamic load on the foundation. However, the installation and adjustment requirements of such synthetic corundum equipment are high, and the quality requirements of rubber spring are strict.

The vibrating screen can be used for Screen coarse, household and fine white aluminium oxide materials. The model and composition of resonance screen are similar to other screening machines. For the fixed bearing of the eccentric shaft of the unsupported shale shaker, the screen box is supported by spring while the aluminum oxide abrasive structure of other parts is unchanged, that is, the self centering shale shaker. With sealing structure, dustproof.(cheap pink aluminium oxide suppliers usa)

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