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Cheap Pink Aluminium Oxide Wholesale Suppliers Poland

Microscopic examination of pink aluminium oxide showed that it was composed of α-alumina grains and was stuck together by a small amount of glassy slag. white fused alumina price that meets typical technical conditions is composed of more than 95% of α-alumina crystals, and is composed of a solid solution of Al2O3 containing Ti2O3. The difference in thermal expansion coefficient between the three phases also causes cracks between the grains during heating. 

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These oxides constitute the glass phase, which has only a relatively low solubility in the brown fused alumina crystal structure of the α-alumina grains. The amount of glassy slag and the distribution of impurities with α-alumina grains are the main factors affecting the properties of brown corundum. Alpha-alumina gives silicon carbide price material hardness and high melting point, while the presence of glassy phase and impurities gives brown corundum toughness or resistance to breakage.

(cheap pink aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers poland)For brown aluminum oxide that meets the requirements of typical technical conditions, the mixing ratio of silica and titanium dioxide in the glass phase is theoretically close to 1: If there is too much silica in the glass phase, excess silica cannot be retained. Solution: Check well before arcing; catch the carbon rods after the furnace is stable; pay attention to the green carborundum feeding speed; move the electrode in time to the furnace; restart the arc.

Most of the glassy slag is composed of silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, and other trace oxides present in the electric arc furnace. On the other hand, if there is an excess of titanium oxide (TiO2) in brown aluminium oxide, then It cannot remain in the glass phase, but reacts with alumina to form aluminum titanate (TiO2 (Al2O3)). Aluminum titanate is the third phase at the interface between α-alumina grains and glass phase, silicon carbide companies which will weaken the glass phase between α-alumina grains. 

(cheap pink aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers poland)brown fused aluminum oxide has the characteristics of white color, high hardness, slightly lower toughness, high purity, excellent self-sharpness, strong grinding force, low heat generation, high efficiency, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, high temperature resistance, and good thermal stability. In the glass phase, it reacts with a part of alumina to form mullite (2SiO2 (3Al2O3)), which will reduce the toughness of arc fused alumina

white aluminium oxide is a high-grade abrasive and abrasive material, as well as high-grade grinding and polishing materials. The abrasives processed with it are suitable for grinding hardened alloy steel, high-carbon steel, high-speed steel and various stainless steels. Its fine-grained grinding powder is also widely used in precision casting, steel refractory, chemical refractory, 95 ceramics, decorative ceramics and other special ceramics and porcelain for daily life, as well as high-tech fused alumina industries such as military and electronics.(cheap pink aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers poland)

But during smelting, there will be problems of arc break, string furnace, firing and lining furnace lining. How to solve these black aluminum oxide problems by the editor: arc break characteristics: no current display, no sound in the furnace, no flash between the electrodes. Cause: The arc starting rod is not fixed well, the rod is moved too early, and the melt is small; the feeding is too fast, the brown fused aluminium oxide immerses in the current path, and the string furnace reacts to form a hard block, which prevents the electrode from falling.

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