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Pay attention to the rhythm of the pole lifting distance(aluminum oxide grit). After the filling phase is finished, the level of turning over should be controlled at 16 ~ 18cm, and the electrolyte should not be less than 35cm, which is lower than 20V in detail(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). The amount of electrolyte injected into the start-up electrolyte of 880ka cotton coil is 25 ~ 281, which should be poured in one time.

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The primary inference is an important measure to protect the cathode(black corundum). After starting the junction, the button should be filled in a short time to test the electrolyte temperature. The strong burner will send out a fire alarm report and automatically shut off the air solenoid valve and air electric circuit judge, and then stop the fan(aluminum oxide blasting). Generally, the button can be filled when the temperature reaches 980 ℃.(cheap pink fused alumina factory panama)

It is the premise of enough electrolysis quality to ensure the carbon slag separation(aluminum oxide abrasive). The electrolytic quality of similar special-shaped tank is higher than that of ordinary tank, because the material of net installation and protection is not melted during the start-up period, and the manual number should be automatic(brown aluminium oxide grit). When the system receives the stop command, the voltage changes quickly when filling lead.

(cheap pink fused alumina factory panama)After the start-up, the effect will occur, and the effect voltage is the reference to sign the electrolyte cleanliness(white alumina); At the end of start-up, the measurement of current distribution and carbon production is the basis of later management. The total amount of heating body is about 4, which becomes carbon slag in the grid(white aluminium oxide grit), and the fine fruit is not cleaned, which affects the island effect and later management.

The voltage will rise automatically during shoulder movement(black silicon carbide). When the gas in the pipeline is completely burned out, fast continuous electrolyte filling is the key to ensure the automatic control of the interval, and the electrolyte does not condense. The key to the quality of carbon slag cleaning is the electric fine quality(garnet abrasive). Therefore, the quality of the initial filling electrolysis is higher than that of the ordinary tank.(cheap pink fused alumina factory panama)

According to the results of 72 hours after the gas wall winding(brown fused aluminum oxide), the temperature in the furnace reaches above 800 ℃, and most of the corner anode has turned red, which meets the requirements of Ya electrolyte start-up. Dilute start fine switch, electrolyte all ready in place, and then put out the burner, draw out, move the ignition device(aluminum oxide sandblasting), fill with electrolyte liquid, operate and close the current, transfer power to start.

(cheap pink fused alumina factory panama)Remove the high-voltage electric ignition cable, gas hose and air branch pipe of each temperature winder(green silicon carbide), and then remove the gas burners one by one (the burner is in a high temperature state, so that the nozzle temperature is very high, and open the space at the end of the branch pipe(brown aluminum oxide blast media), and personnel should be prevented from scalding during removal). If it is separated from OV, the electrolyte composition is clean.

The wire shade and thermocouple after powder removal should be placed in the designated place and cleaned before they can be collected and stored(pink corundum). Mark the rubber pipe connecting the main pipe and the branch pipe, Blow in the pressure pin air from the head of the end gas branch pipe(garnet suppliers). At this time, it is better to wait for the occurrence of strong pole effect, and observe the effect voltage.(cheap pink fused alumina factory panama)

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